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Bounding Boxes Annotation for Machine Learning


Anolytics is providing a efficacious image annotation solution for machine learning and artificial intelligence model developments. It is offering the high-quality data labeling and annotation service to supply as a data training for AI-based machine learning projects. It is providing the bounding box image annotation service for clear object detection in computer vision.

Anolytics annotate the images in bounding box for autonomous vehicles, ecommerce, retail, robotics, agricultural, healthcare and autonomous flaying with best level of accuracy. Bounding box with Anolytics helps self-driving cars detect various objects on the street allowing computer vision perceive such objects and help machines learning algorithms to learn the patterns and predict the same if used in real-life testing and applications.

PH. No. : +1-516-342-5749

Email ID : info@anolytics.ai


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