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Choose Kingdom Vapor for Smok Wholesale


Finding a decent wholesaler that you can trust to keep you well stocked at fair prices over the long haul is tough work. Among your other responsibilities running a vape shop, spending time weeding through sources can seem like tedium, and when you find a good one it’s worth its weight in gold.

Lucky for you, there is one out there that puts you first when it comes to business, offering not only what’s popular, but doing so at fair prices. With customers clamoring for innovative products like those manufactured by Smok, it pays off to invest some time in finding a reliable wholesaler that you can trust to supply you with Smok wholesale on top of all your other wholesale and information needs.

That wholesaler is Kingdom Vapor, and you can trust them not only to supply you with your Smok Wholesale needs but also keep your shelves stocked with high-quality e-liquid and hardware from the industry’s top manufacturers.

Finding the Smok wholesale products you need to keep your customers happy will be easier than ever before, as Kingdom Vapor’s lineup includes not only staples but is dynamic, responding to customer preferences and trends.

When you trust in Kingdom Vapor to supply you with your Smok products from top to bottom. You’ll find favorites like the Smok Stick Prince Kit, capable of 3.4 to 4.2 volts of pseudo-mechanical output and with improved coils for enhanced vapor output compared to other mods in the category. Its smart battery indicator alerts the user to low battery power, flashing 15 times to signal a need for a charge.

With the Smok TFV12 Prince Tank, the liquid capacity has improved to 8 ml compared to the TFV8’s 6ml capacity and locks to prevent spillage. With a total diameter of 28 inches, this is still a slim favorite.

Best of all, with Kingdom Vapor you’ll be able to easily find replacement coils for the TFV12 ranging from .12 to .4 ohms, built with a variety of wire types from straight wire to coils with multiple mesh cores.

You’ll also find models like the Smok Stick V8 kit, which pairs power with compact design. Ready to vape with a charge and the addition of e liquid, this kit pairs with the TFV8 Big Baby Beast, joining a capacity of 5 ml and a 3000mAh battery that offers 4.2 volts of power with a full charge.

With single-button operation for ease of firing, the Smok Stick V8 kit is a popular option and one that you’ll readily find at Kingdom Vapor.

Of course, when you run a vape shop, you’ll need to keep your shop well-stocked in popular devices from other brands as well as all the accessories and peripherals that complete the vaper’s arsenal, and Kingdom Vapor is your choice for that.

That’s because you will not only find the devices you need for your shop at Kingdom Vapor, but you’ll also find coils, batteries, tanks, glass, drip tips and more to pull it all together. Best of all, Kingdom Vapor has grown with the industry, always responsive to feedback from the market and from its customers to offer the most in-demand products at the best prices.

When you have questions, whether they are regarding customer tastes, product specifications or even the advent of new technology, the helpful and consultative staff at Kingdom Vapor is always there to help. So head to kingdomvapor.com for your Smok wholesale needs – and you’ll soon be heading there for the rest of your wholesale needs.

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