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G4G Guns Has Century Products for Every Need

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The reasons incorporating Century products into your collection might be as varied as the innovations and the ergonomic features of the weapons themselves, but one thing is certain. If you are looking for quality, dependability, and oftentimes hard to find features at a reasonable price, Century has the arms you are looking for. With much to love in their handgun platforms to AK model sporting rifles to shotguns, there’s something for everyone to appreciate. You may be a competitive shooter or a casual sportsman, but the quality you find in Century Products will be hard to match elsewhere.

If you are defense-minded or simply enjoy target shooting with a handgun, you will find no shortage of excellent handguns from Century. One of their more popular series is their TP9 platform. You will be surprised at the number of ergonomic and tactical features that Century has managed to cram into such an adaptable platform.

Take for example their TP9SFx Canik Double, which is so replete with advantage producing features that it could be considered hard to imitate. Built around the 9mm Luger, a cartridge that those concerned with target practice as well as self-defense have come to love, this handgun offers a wealth of ergonomics as well as performance-enhancing features. It even has metal removed from the slide to lighten the slide (and the gun overall) and increase cycling time. Its dual-stage trigger is something that match shooters will come to love, as it makes it much easier to take up the slack when zeroing in on a point. Beyond these, the gun offers a Picatinny rail under the slide to accommodate laser sights or lights for enhancing tactical applications, improved capability in the dark and faster target acquisition. It also has an awesome capacity, holding 20+1, for an extended time at the range or extra power in the case of defense.

If sporting rifles are more aligned with your interests, then there is just as much to love from Century Arms. One of their most popular models is their C308 Sporter, which offers a lot for both competition shooters and hunters to love. The first glance gives the eye much to appreciate, as the stock and forend of this rifle are attractive hardwood that has become increasingly less prevalent among sporting rifles. This rifle has a capacity of 20+1 of .308 Win for flat shooting hard-hitting success in the field against pigs, coyotes, or other medium-sized game that might necessitate the need for quick follow up shots. To those ends, a muzzle brake helps to keep muzzle jump under control while its relatively lightweight design makes it maneuverable enough to track moving targets.

If you are an upland hunter looking for an affordable but rock-solid break shotgun with a traditional flair, you will definitely appreciate some of the Century products you will find at G4G Guns. Their 20 gauge side by side coach gun is an attractive piece that brings the functionality and ruggedness of a break shotgun to the table for a fraction of the price of the competition. With exposed hammers and double triggers, this gun is tough enough to drag through the briar fields in search of rabbits or through the upland scrub for pheasants. In fact, it would likely wear the marks of such endeavors to its benefit. It is the perfect balance between functionality and attractive styling at a price that can’t be found for side by side elsewhere.

At G4G Guns you will not only find awesome Century products like these listed but many other handguns, rifles, and shotguns from Century for every use. All it takes is a short diversion to G4GGuns.com and you will be very pleased to find the Century arms you’ve been looking for hunting, target shooting and more. Visit G4GGuns.com today ahead of the fall season.

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