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Gastroenterology – A New Branch of Medicine


Problem of gas is the common problem we heard from people, this is caused by the food we eat or drinks we take. But generally this problem is caused due to the foods which contain gas or the due to the air we swallow. This leads to indigestion of food in the body and the food which is not digested in the body, shifts to large intestine from the small intestine and converted into bacteria which lead to burping or flatulence. These are caused by the excessive gas present in the body. 

There are so many treatments available for this disease and the best gastroenterology Doctors in Delhi are very famous for the treatments of this problem. In order to avoid this embarrassing situation faced by you, you should go to a doctor for its treatment; we cannot consider this problem as normal one because sometimes these are the symptoms of dangerous diseases like: heart attack, indigestion, damage of liver etc. So we cannot take it lightly. 

When we go to a doctor, it’s obvious that he will ask you about the foods you frequently eat or drinks you are having in your daily diet. The simple solution to this problem is that we have to find out the foods which causes gas problem in the body. The foods that causes gas in body vary from person to person, it is not necessary that every person is affected with same foods they consumed. Every one’s body reacts differently to the foods we eat, for example your friend may face this problem when he or she eat beans but at the same time when you consume beans you do not feel any kind of issues regarding this, it shows that body of each and every person is not affected by the same things they do. 

In order to treat this problem first we have to find out which foods causes us gas or leads to indigestion of food. Then after finding out the food, we have to go to doctor for this treatment. He will give you a diet plan that you must follow to treat this problem. You have to stop eating that foods which causes you gas,.

Now you need to know about who is the doctor for this problem? The doctor who deals with gas related problems are known as gastroenterologist.                          

Gastroenterologist is the person or a physician which is fully trained in the treatment of gastrointestinal.  Gastroenterology is the study about the abdomen, intestines, pancreas, etc. body parts involved in gastrointestinal process. This is the branch study about the digestion process, study of nutrients, waste removal from the body etc. A gastroenterologist must have cleared his three- year course in medicine and must follow or work under the special training program in gastroenterology. This training process is usually of 3 years and they work under the senior doctor in their training process. These doctors are also trained about the Endoscopy by their senior doctors under whom they are trained. Endoscopy is an instrument built with the lights and camera into it to have a deep overlook about the inside intestinal working.

This study includes the specialized study of endoscopy i.e. right time to perform it, method to perform and use of medicines or injections to make the patient comfortable while performing this task. They are also guided about the examination of results from endoscopy process and to give right guidance to patients and not to misguide them in any way. This also includes the study of removing dangerous tumours, stone and much more.

This critical training about these sensitive processes to be performed by them should require all the attention of the student undergoing training so that he or she must acquire the full detailed and comprehensive study of this part. They are under the guidance of some senior committee officials. These gastroenterologists are fully trained about their subjects. In order to get the best treatment, you must visit Delhi and need to search for best gastroenterologists in Delhi. You must follow all the guidelines of the doctor and this is a disease whose treatment is available at best cost and from the best doctors in the country. 


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