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Only the Biggest and Best from Broke Dick


Ever hear that old myth that you have to choose between quality and quantity? Well, we here at Broke Dick are calling bullsh*t on that one. Why should you have to choose? The best thing would be a quantity of quality, and that’s exactly what we’re gonna give you! Broke Dick is all about cheap vape juice that doesn’t sacrifice quality. We’re also gonna give you that juice 120 ml at a time, for the price the vape hogs would charge you for half that. No, this isn’t a sale. We offer cheap 120ml vape juice all day, every day.

I know what you’re thinking, how can you charge so little for such delicious juice? Well, let me tell you about how we managed to pull this off. First off, unlike the big vape hogs, we’re not making juice every day. When we need to make more juice, we just rent the facilities and equipment until we don’t need them anymore. Not sure why the big companies don’t get it, it’s not rocket surgery. We just don’t make more than we can sell, so we sell what we make. Then we package it in our big 120ml ejuice bottles and ship it out to you.

Why is Cheap 120ml Vape Juice so important to us? Because we cut costs instead of quality. We only need to make one size juice so we only need to order one size bottle and print one size label. Just another example of how Broke Dick is trying to keep from going broke ourselves. Saving on every other part of our business means we can put the lion’s share into making sure our juice is the highest quality we can offer.

Plus, we want our products to last you a good long while. No little 30ml convenience store ejuice bottles for our vape family. Most companies will try to get you to pick up small bottles with a markup. These clowns literally expect you to pay more per ml for less juice! Math was never my best subject, but something seems kinda messed up there. You vape with us, and we’ll keep your tank and your wallet full as long as we can.

All of our delicious, high quality vape juice flavors come in 0mg, 3 mg, and 6mg nicotine concentrations. We have cheap 120ml vape juice for any vaper. All that matters to us is that you’re pumping out thick clouds and not wasting your money on juice from those vape hogs. Instead, we want you to keep a few bucks in your pocket in case you need to grab another sixer.

We also don’t wanna keep you waiting. What’s worse than running out of juice while you’re still waiting for your next batch to ship? Do these companies expect you to buy more overpriced juice from the gas station while you’re waiting for them? We won’t have it. You order from us before 6 pm and we ship it that day. You order $23 or more, we’ll even cover that shipping for you. We just wanna make sure you get your juice on time and don’t have to leave that tank dry.

So if you just want some tasty juice from some dudes who know how to treat their customers, we got your back at Broke Dick. Grab some cheap 120ml vape juice from us, and you won’t miss whatever those vape hogs were peddling. No middlemen and no fancy ad campaigns here. Just good dudes turning out some good juice. Why make it more complicated?

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