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Why Binance 2FA Authentication is Not Working?


Binance is splendid platform that is working continually in providing great range of services in the trading segment of cryptocurrencies. As the platforms was growing worldwide, it not only caught the eyeballs of the traders but also the eye balls of the hackers too. Now, it became the big responsibility of the company to take care about the data of people in more secured way. So, since the beginning the platform of Binance is working great in secured way and also for keeping the data of the people more secured the company made the 2fa authentication method for making the account safer for the users like issues Binance 2FA Lost, Binance 2FA not working etc.

How the method of 2fa is more secured?

As the account security is a crucial task for the company, so the method of 2fa was basically to make an extra layer of security to the users account, so that it becomes anti-hackable and for doing that link the accounts of users to their GMAIL, so that it can be made more secured. Now, the steps of doing it also are very simple and are as follows-

Step-1- Use your GMAIL id for login and make account of Binance with same GMAIL id.

Step-2- While you login your GMAIL account, attach it with your phone number, so that without your approval, account can’t be opened.

Step-3- You would be needing to set the password again with your id and Google will also verify your connected number.

Once you are done with the process, you will enable the 2fa authentication in your system instantly. Meanwhile, if you fine any kind of issue while going through the process, you can always call the Binance customer service number for assisting you as they are available 24*7 for helping the users. However, from past few days, people are facing the issue of 2fa authentication and they are unable to sort it out. So, for the people who are facing the Binance 2fa authentication issue, here is one of the best and most used solution for them.
Steps to follow-
Mainly, the issue is with the time zone and Google authenticator time. So, for making sure that you find the solution, you do need to have the correct time.

  • Go at main menu on Google authentication app
  • Tap on the setting button and then tap on the time correction for codes
  • Lastly, tap the button sync now

Follow the method and once your time zone is fixed, you would be able to have the 2fa authentication working for you. Besides that, if you are still unbale to work with this, then you must call on the Binance customer service number.


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