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Outdoor Activities for Adults this Summer with an AMS Bowfishing Combo Kit and More

Outdoor Activities for Adults

Getting outside is good for you, even as an adult. There is a good focus on why children need to get outside more and the dangers of screen time. However, there is a long list of benefits at any age. With increased usage of cellphones, computers, televisions, and other indoor activities, people are not going outside nearly as much as they used to. One study showed over half of adults spend five hours or less in nature and were satisfied with that small amount of outdoor time. The days of paintball fights, Ams Bowfishing Combo Kit days at the lake, and hikes seem to be a thing of the past, but getting outside has major benefits.

For one, people are happier when they get outside. Light uplifts moods and physical activity helps people relax. More exercise, in general, is enough reason to get outside. While many have joined gyms to help get exercise, it’s more enjoyable outdoors, which makes it more likely people will workout more frequently. Concentration may also improve, as it does when children with ADHD spend time outside. The natural release of vitamin D is also important, as higher levels of vitamin D help against osteoporosis, cancer, depression, heart attacks, and more.

Finding the right activities to enjoy outside this summer will lead to health benefits, both physical and mental.


Whether you have the AMS bowfishing combo kit or a simple rod, fishing is a fun activity often associated with childhood. However, adults can have even more fun. Whether you choose to take a boat out on a lake or fish off the coast at a local beach, everyone can find a fishing spot in their locale. The repetitive motion of casting the line and the accomplishment of catching a fish can release endorphins. Most importantly, even with the potential of a fishy smell, you can enjoy the fresh air in a relaxing setting. For those starting out, a kit includes everything you need to get outside with friends, family, or alone for peace and quiet.

Paintball Fights

If you’re more physical, a paintball fight is a great way to get outside with friends. Unlike other forms of exercise, a paintball fight focuses on the fun part of running around. Instead of spending time on a treadmill, get your friends to find out who has what it takes to be the victor. Most areas have paintball facilities nearby but paintball guns are also less expensive than many realize. Whether you decide to consult a pro or have the land to create your own paintball fight experience, it will be an active way to get outside without realizing how much exercise you’re getting.

Shooting Range

For those that like the idea of shooting but aren’t interested in shooting paint at friends, a shooting range is a great way to get outside. If you’re not ready to make the investment in your own gun, shooting ranges typically have their own guns to use. Further, most places offer services to teach gun safety and how to shoot properly. Many lessons are taught indoors but there are outdoor options. Plus, the skills you learn indoors can be transferred outside. Finding the right instructor who will take the time to find the right gun for you is imperative when getting started in shooting.

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