The Different Types of Diamonds and Which is Right for Your Engagement Ring

The Different Types of Diamonds and Which is Right for Your Engagement Ring

When it comes to choosing an engagement ring, diamond type is a major factor. With so many different types of diamonds available,...
About Elegant Moonstone Jewelry

Undiscovered Facts About Elegant Moonstone Jewelry

About Elegant Moonstone Jewelry - Breathtakingly beautiful Moonstone is composed of Albite and Orthoclase. Both these elements belong to the feldspar mineral...
Handmade Gemstone Jewelry

Handmade Gemstone Jewelry-The Healing Powers of Stones

These days, wearing gemstone jewelry has become a fashion among the public, especially for the younger generation, because of its mesmerizing look...
Wedding Rings for Couples

Shine on Your Special Day with Stunning Wedding Rings for Couples.

Getting confused between Eternity and Wedding rings? Are you aware of the fact that Engagement rings, Eternity rings, and Wedding Rings for...
Jewelry Pieces to Wear

Top 6 Julie Vos Jewelry Pieces to Wear With Literally Everything

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. So are pearls, crystals, statement earrings, gold cuffs, pendant necklaces - the list goes on! Basically,...
Konstantinos Hermione collection

History of Konstantino Konstantinos Hermione Collection

Some pieces of jewelry act as those accessories which enhance our day-to-day look. Whether a pair of earrings or cufflinks, it just...

What Makes Titanium and Tungsten Collections so Much Popular Among Men?

Men’s fashion is as vivid as of the women. There are a lot of varieties to explore in modern times. Earlier, men’s...
Silicone Plugs and Tunnels

Everything You Need to Know About Silicone Plugs and Tunnels

Chances are if you’ve had stretched ears for a while, you’ve tried out many different kinds of jewelry. Most people start with...

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