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Everything You Need to Know About Silicone Plugs and Tunnels

Silicone Plugs and Tunnels

Chances are if you’ve had stretched ears for a while, you’ve tried out many different kinds of jewelry. Most people start with acrylic and metal plugs and tunnels.

Most stretching kits are only available in one or the other. And while these two materials allow for hundred of different designs, there are only so many shapes and designs they can handle. Eventually, you turn to look at stones and organics, like carved bone and wood which can be sculpted into more dramatic, layered shapes like blooming flowers.

For simpler unique shapes, however, the best way to go is Silicone Gauges. Silicone Plugs are flexible and easy to make into a wide range of different shapes, making them the perfect material to craft unusual and unique pieces from, as well as convincing hiders.

At King’s Body Jewelry, one of the best body jewelry shops in the world for Silicone Gauges, there are nearly a hundred different silicone plugs and tunnels available in all colors, shapes, and sizes.

King’s selection includes triangle, square, and teardrop-shaped tunnels in addition to the standard circular shape. There are also iconic designs for Silicone Gauges like the Black Silicone Tunnels with Star Cut Out (0 gauge – 1 inch) style and the Black Spiral Silicone Tunnels (12 mm – 15/16 inch) style. Both of designs pull your lobes into a circular shape, but the tunnel cut-outs take on the unique shapes of stars or spirals.

Just like with other plugs, Silicone Gauges can be made into a wide variety of colors. King’s Body Jewelry offers a huge range of shades, from Amethyst to Baby Blue to Bronze alongside the more basic colors like white and black.

Solid colors aren’t the only options, though. You can also find solid plugs with prints and designs on them like the Pink Star Silicone Plugs (2 gauge – 1 inch) which feature a black base and a bold baby pink star centered in a pink ring.

For an even more dramatic look, try the Rainbow Zebra Silicone Plugs (12 mm – 7/8 inch) with their neon green, pink, and purple zebra-striped pattern. There are even glow in the dark plugs and tunnels to light up the night.

Not everyone who turns to silicone plugs is looking to make a statement, however. Silicone is soft and flexible yet firm, like skin, which is why it is used in the making of prosthetics and makeup props like elf ears or goblin noses.

If you need to make your stretched lobes look more discreet, flesh-colored plugs made of silicone are the perfect mimic for natural skin. King’s Body Jewelry carries several of these hider plugs made by the Kaos brand in multiple skin tones to blend in with your ears no matter the gauge size.

These are perfect for formal settings and going into the office, or simply for achieving a relaxed and natural look.

Fans of the natural look will also like clear silicone pieces, including thinner tunnels and eyelets. These also come in the unique shapes mentioned above, as is the case for the Clear KAOS Silicone Hydra Teardrop Eyelets (00g – 2 inches).

Clear jewelry pieces hold your ears in whatever shape you choose while still showing the skin, emphasizing natural beauty instead of complimenting it with the piece’s artistry.

This style is perfect for achieving an all-natural look with an unnatural shape and works great when you want to go for a simple look that is still eye-catching and unique.

Silicone jewelry is also quite popular because of the flexibility of the material. Because silicone tunnels can be squished and bent, they are easier to put in, and if properly sized they won’t overstretch your ears the way a flared acrylic plug might. All in all, if you’re interested in achieving a unique look, Silicone Gauges are definitely a style worth trying.

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