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History of Konstantino Konstantinos Hermione Collection

Konstantinos Hermione collection


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Some pieces of jewelry act as those accessories which enhance our day-to-day look. Whether a pair of earrings or cufflinks, it just uplifts our outfit. Among them, Konstantinos jewelry has been frequently seen on the red carpets, worn by many of our favorite stars & keeping the Konstantinos Hermione collection

Origin of Konstantino Jewelry:

Let us think of a small shop in the corner of Athens, where talented silversmiths sit together to make beautiful masterpieces one after another. These handicrafts are finally exported to the US, where they are showcased in a fancy shop like Neimus Marcus. Moreover, Konstantinos Hermione collection of pieces of jewelry are worn by many of our favorite stars like Tom Cruise, Brad Pitt, Oprah, etc. Sounds impressive.

Konstantino Sioulas was established in the year 1994. The beauty of ancient Greek profoundly inspired the artist to come up with these beautiful accessories, which are usually made up of gold and silver. Ancient Greek art stands out among the many others. Here, paintings of men and women were the main focus of innovation and new ideas. By using traditional techniques, the expert artisans put their arduous effort to bring us the marvelous pieces of this unique style of jewelry. 

Konstantino Jewelry At Present

We can say is the most successful jewelry export business which earns millions of dollars today. Konstantino Sioulas’s collection mostly comprises the art of ancient Greece and Byzantine Architecture. The Konstantino Hermione collection also consists of many other ancient gods and goddesses of Ancient Greece. All of these items are made up of 18KT Gold, silver sterling, and other expensive and precious stones.

Talking about Konstantino Silas, according to his LinkedIn account, he is born and brought up in Greece, where ancient history is like bread and butter. He belonged from a small village Melitea, which once resided in Achilles. Apollo and Zeus were captured in his imagination, and Greek Gods and Goddesses profoundly inspired him. He has completed his education in Athens, the bassinet of democracy and civilization.

Some subjects like art, architecture, history, mythology, and philosophy are etched with perfection into his soul. As he grew up into an adult, he deep inside knew that he wants to pursue and create art that expressed his childhood as well as other parts of his life.

To him, “jewelry is a fine marriage of structure and beauty.” He described this in his LinkedIn account.

Then Finally he added in his bio that, “The places of Greece are part of my soul as well. 

Hydra is one of the most magical and inspirational islands of all the Greek islands.

The light as it reflects off the sea, and the white-walled, red-tiled houses that climb up from the harbor. Create a kaleidoscope of vivid shapes and intense hues. This is where I was inspired to create a Konstantino Hermione collection and where my first store was born. “


From the story mentioned above of his life, we can understand how close Konstantino jewelry is to him. It is entirely handmade, with loads of hard work and labor. We all come across many handicrafts and art pieces which we generally don’t know much about the Konstantino Hermione collection, but every piece of jewelry has insights and a history that unravels the mystery about it. 

Konstantino Jewelry is touching the pinnacle of success, and we can easily say it because Konstantinos Hermione collection of pieces of jewelry are worn by many celebrities we all know about. Be it red carpet or a wedding or any event, Konstantino jewelry is making it’s way very high.

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