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10 Ways to Dominate the Stories Feature on Instagram


You are lacking if you have not yet used Instagram Stories to promote your brand! It is one of the most important features on the web to date. Everybody is struggling for your followers ‘ attention with over a billion people on Instagram. For attention, some people or organizations also create a Wikipedia page. So that they can get more views and users. 

One of the easiest ways to control a wider series is to frequently use the Stories app. Instagram posts, I’m going to share my top ten ways to win. You can also sell more on the website in this way!

1. Ongoing basis content.

There is a good starting point to learn the inside and out of the advertising of Instagram stories; it claims stories are fleeting and you need to plan their content for TV networks. If you have specific days, such as Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, you will create a demand for video content, as viewers will be involved in what you are thinking about next.

2. To draw new followers, using hashtags and geotags. 

You must have a way of appealing to people. I love that while I use Stories to draw people into my world, I can use the same tactics as I can in my post. The right hashtags and geotags are worth their weight in gold, as they help to make the content people want available instantly.

3. Play with photos and videos in contrast to other media.  

Instagram promotes creative expression. In addition to photos and videos, you can use the IG Stories for creating high-text colored background (type) stories, live streaming and speaking to your viewers directly (online), creating second-long boomerang videos, and even capturing videos which first play the last frame shot (Rewind).

4. In your posts, Airdrop the product script.

This advice specifically applies to iPhone users. You will import and distribute the font used to be marked using the free software on your phone (https:/later.com/blog/Instagram-stories-hacks/). Once the file is filled out, you will have access to the. OFT folder so that you can add more individuality to your comments in the type format.

5. Add the Live Filters.  

One amusing solution I often use to stream live is to use the face icon for filters. I may switch my eyes immediately to capture people from the camera. The messages I get from fans are hilarious and one of the best ways to interact with my customers.

6. Schedule your stories.

The best time to upload your stories is from 9 am to 11 am EST. In this timeframe, I find it helps a lot. Pre-scheduling the posts means that your users can always see fresh content.

7. Using stickers.

This is an alternative way to get your product out of the bag. Small graphics will improve your storytelling skills. It is an excellent method of showcasing a brand and transmitting sentiment if there is no person involved in a message.

8. Opportunity Announcement

If your fans are like me, they love free things. Use the feature Stories to invite a friendly competition. By introducing the prizes and telling the crowd what they think of them, you can also become invested in your brand.

9. How well the stories are doing

It’s time to play detective and see what comments are most important to you. You can use metrics if you want to know more but don’t want to read more. Due to the information I can use, such as interactions, touch, people tap through, react or bounce away, I can consider those types of content easier than the others for my audience.

10. Have a good time

It’s a job to run a business. Nevertheless, a great deal of practice is concerned with Instagram Stories. My recommendation is to be open-minded, explored and material you like to share.


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