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13 Digital Marketing Trends in 2020 You Need to Know

Digital Marketing Trends in 2020

As a pre-existing summary of a series of marketing trends, we will first outline 13 trends and categorize them into different aspects such as search engine optimization ( SEO ), keyword advertising or community management.

Although some of the marketing trends mentioned in 2019 have been mentioned in 2018, with the changes in functions and usage habits, it has become a key project that cannot be ignored.

Let’s discuss 13 digital marketing trends in 2020

1. Micro-Moments:

Micro-moments, also known as key decision points, are inseparable from the micro – times ( the moment of action ). When all the intractable diseases can be searched by mobile phone anytime and anywhere, users are more focused on getting answers and solutions quickly. In just a few seconds, can you meet the needs of users at different stages?

2. Visual Search ( Visual Search )

Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann once said: ” The main search method in the future will be from keyword to image .” Visual search is similar to the image search mentioned in previous years, but it is more advanced. Take Pinterest and Taobao as examples. Through visual search, users can get relevant purchase information more quickly. It is more convenient and intuitive than displaying only similar images in the image search results.

3. Video Marketing

Someone will say that this is an old tune, so let’s not say anything else, we just look at the data :

  • 70 % of consumers said they have shared at least one brand of film
  • 72 % of companies said the film increased conversion rate
  • 52 % of consumers said that watching product videos would give them more confidence in online purchase decisions.
  • 65 % of corporate executives visit the website of the industry, and 39 % of business executives call the supplier directly after watching the video.

Whether your target audience is a business or a general consumer, the film is more persuasive than the text.

The current search results ( SERP ), more comprehensive video and text content presentation, so in Youtube or social media, the website of the film, also pay attention to SEO!

4. Voice Search & Smart Speakers

By 2020, 50 % of search methods will be voice search
20 % of the map queries on Google are voice search
25 % of Bing searches are voice searches

In 2018, we mentioned voice search but did not value the wisdom assistant (Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, etc. ). The user is too lazy to type now, and colloquial search through the wisdom assistant will gradually become the best choice for people to search. Therefore, in 2019, in order to have a better user experience, please also pay attention to the “spoken language ( spoken ) search.

5. Native Advertising / Responsive Advertising ( Native Advertising )

In order to prevent advertisements from affecting reading, some users will choose to install an advertisement interceptor, which will result in the advertisement being unable to be effectively delivered, which is both painstaking and painful. Responsive advertising is like a Transformer in the advertising world. It can be placed on the principle of not breaking the page layout, and it can be perfectly integrated no matter where it is placed. The essence of native advertising is content marketing, so it doesn’t look like advertising. It is more like general content, making it easier for people to click, read and convert.

6. Programmatic Advertising

Programmatic advertising can also be called by Auto Ads. Programmatic advertising is the use of AI automation. Through the advertising back – end system, the computer will automatically purchase the appropriate version, while constantly adjusting the advertising price and monitoring it instantly. The emergence of programmatic advertising will bring changes to the marketing community. With the help of automation, advertising can be delivered more accurately and instantly. Compared with manual management advertising, it may reach a higher CP value.

7. Intelligent Intelligence

Speaking of AI, I believe that most people seem to understand and understand. In fact, artificial intelligence means collecting and learning people’s behavior data, so many repetitive and simple work may be replaced by AI in the future. The AI mentioned here is a tool to help us analyze consumer behavior and search patterns, such as programmatic advertising and chatbots, all using the concept of AI.

8. User Feedback > Brand Influence ( User Feedback > Brand )

In the past, brand influence can affect purchases, and now, user feedback has a critical impact on users. Google reviews, Facebook ratings or PTT messages, Youtube’s actual experience, etc. , we are used to searching for strange stores and brands and seeing other people’s feedback. After all, no one will say bad things about themselves, but by other people. The good words are more credible.

9. Personalization

Personalization is also the marketing focus often mentioned in recent years. When users pay more and more attention to a good experience, personalized marketing is generated. Making the website or online service more customized and flexible is the most basic personalization, and further advanced is to let customers feel that they are unique. For example, after applying for a membership, Netflix will let you choose the videos you might like, and then in each of the video’s profiles, there will be a percentage display that suits you.

10. Time Media Dynamics ( Social Media Stories)

After Instagram launched a limited-time update, Facebook also began to have a limited – time story that would only last for 24 hours. ” Time ” and “visual “. In the time-limited dynamics, advertisements are not advertising at all, but they are more approachable and can be moderately grasped. The feeling of ” get lost once you miss it ” is more flexible and creative.

11. Influencer Marketing

Just look at the number of subscriptions of several well – known Youtuber in Taiwan, all of which are one or two million. You can know that their influence is greater than that of TV and print ads. And these influencers also have a group of loyal followers. When these influencers can advertise and recommend brands or products, in addition to his original influence, the films that are actually experienced can be closer to the users. heart.

12. Chatbots

Chatbots can effectively maintain customer relationships for you whenever and wherever you want. It is estimated that by 2020, 80 % of enterprises will use chatbots, and by 2022, it is expected to save companies up to 8 billion US dollars in spending. More importantly, the chat robot’s response is immediate, can be accurately reviewed and will never lose patience. Some normal problems can be handed over to them!

13. Social Messaging Apps

The community that is different from the chatbot automatically pushes the program, which is a program that can send messages to the client actively. Send it to users moderately, remind them of your presence, or let users feel their importance by giving them special offers and special notices, which is also a way to promote personalized service.

These tips crafted according to Google Ranking Factors


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