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5 Countries You Should Take a Sailing Holiday In

Sailing Holiday

Leave your worries on land, and take to watery worlds characterized by azure shades and idyllic bays rolling out blissful days one after the other. Have dinner under a sky full of glowing stars and streaking comets, as you let the breeze guide you from pleasure to pleasure. If that sounds like your kind of vacation, then look to these five countries for the best holiday sailing destinations known to man:

1) Greece

Considered as the mecca of sailing in many circles, Greece wows the masses with its countless islands and sparkling seas. A sailing odyssey encompassing spilling bougainvillea, rustic harbors, charming olive groves, and sunny beaches await on an itinerary famous for all kinds of sailing experiences. From the hardcore appeal of the Cyclades chain and the Meltemi winds to the mild challenge of the Ionian and Dodecanese Islands, every skillset has its match.

2) Croatia

Ah, Croatia, a country where endless waves of blue waters, exotic beaches, and fairytale islands are not the stuff of imagination but part of a beautiful Balkan reality. Sailing holidays in Croatia means hopping between 15th century Dubrovnik, the sun-kissed Pakleni archipelago, and romantic Hvar, sampling native delicacies along the way on an Adriatic menu ensuring more than a thousand islets and islands. Factor in the historic Game-of-Thrones towns and Mother Nature’s generous blessings, and it’s hard to argue against Croatia as one of the best sailing destinations in the world.

3) Caribbean

Surely any sailing list would feel lacking with the omission of the Caribbean, a region heavily featuring in Hollywood flicks thanks to its surreal scenery. It offers spice-scented breezes, a collection of lovely islands with unique personalities, verdant hillsides, colorful towns, and
some of the most dreamy blue-water passages in the world! Any sailor is sure to fall in love with Tobago Cays Marine Park, famous for its spectacular coral reefs, the S-shaped Admiralty Bay, and the many other treasures of the Windward Islands.

4) Seychelles

A sailing haven off East Africa, Seychelles is a little-known name that leaves a huge impression. Its lovely Indian Ocean abode makes for picture-perfect Instagram posts, while its 115 secluded islands ensure there’s an abundance of beautiful places to explore. The accompanying beaches are punctuated by snow-white sands, while the marine life is diverse and alluring, and you can say about the star-gazing at night!

5) Ecuador

Although not a familiar country with regards to sailing matters, Ecuador has its appeal, especially to sailors with a penchant for following the trail of history. The Theory of Evolution by Charles Darwin borrows a lot of inspiration from the country’s Galapagos Islands, which is a sanctuary for some of the planet’s most elusive wildlife. Blue-footed boobies, mammoth tortoises, iguanas, and sea lions can be found within and without the crystal clear waters and the general jaw-dropping scenery with impressive frequency.

With 195 countries in the world, there are many others also deserving of a mention at the very least. Some of those include Australia, which boasts over 70 tropical landmasses,cultural Zanzibar off the coast of the wildlife-blessed African country of Tanzania, and New
Zealand’s iconic “Bay of Islands.”


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