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5 Hong Kong Attractions You Must Visit


On the hunt for some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world? Is it grandiose shopping malls that get you going? Or, do you envision yourself on an island cut off from the rest of the ever-buzzing world? You’ll find it all and so much more within the futuristic limits of one of
Asia’s most alluring cities. If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed with Hong Kong’s offerings, here are five attractions to squeeze into your schedule:

1) The Star Ferry

When you go to Paris, it’s criminal to leave without stopping by its greatest marvel: the Eiffel Tower. The Star Ferry is held in equivalent regard in China, and Hong Kong to be specific. Dashing back and forth across the beautiful waters sandwiched by Hong Kong and Kowloon
makes for a visual treat like no other, aboard a historic vessel that has seen the better part of a century of operation but is still in tip-top shape. The famed skyline moves from completely beautiful to indescribably gorgeous when the sun retires for the day, as hundreds of cloud-piercing story-buildings are engulfed by colorful lamps, billboards, and aesthetic lights!

2) Victoria Peak

Sticking with the matter of a glorious cityscape, there’s hardly a better vantage point than the “The Peak,” as it’s commonly known. The title of the world’s most “skyscrapped” city belongs to majestic Hong Kong, which boasts more than 303 skyscrapers to pile onto 7687 high- rises! Victoria Peak ensures not even clouds can get in the way of this breathtaking architectural display, providing a bird’s eye view of buildings gathering like followers in a political rally. It goes without saying that a night visit is something else!

3) Street markets

There are street markets, and then there are Hong Kong street markets, two totally different things. Rife with life, activity, and all-inclusive shops selling everything from Maneki Neko (waving cat figurines revered to bring good fortunes) to retro games from the elapsed century, street markets such as Temple Street Night Market are one of a kind. The nocturnal vendors are always open for business, ready to bargain the night way selling food, culinary accessories, and souvenirs. Establishments such as these are commonplace in Hong Kong, so bring your best haggling game with you!

4) Happy Valley Racecourse

Are you into horses and gambling, because that’s what the Happy Valley Racecourse is all about! Gambling is a heavily-restricted activity under Hong Kong law, with horse racing the only allowed exception. This viridescent course ensures you can fully embrace the adrenaline of putting your money on the line, and hoping that your fuzzy pick is the first to the finish. Alongside heart-throbbing moments, you can bask in the glory of beautiful nature, fantastic food, drinks, and the foreground of silver high-rises that seem to peep over as if asking for a piece of the racing action. At the end of a hard day of betting, you can get down to another exclusive city delight: the Hong Kong massage; a therapy many visitors have sworn to offer new realms of relaxation and stress relief.

5) Lantau Island

For some Island bliss, Lantau is the place to be. Blending the lure of sandy beaches, amusement parks, and history into untamed landscapes adorned by Buddha statues, this Island is famous as a playground for tourists. You’ll appreciate the Tai O Village market for its unparalleled seafood, while the Nong Ping Glass Cable Cars and Po Line Monastery will undoubtedly leave a huge impression. From a tourist’s perspective, Hong Kong is the land of limitless opportunities. attractions and famous mythologies lurk behind every corner and park, and there’s much to do than you have time for!


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