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5 Things You Didn’t Know About Hong Kong


The city of Hong Kong has long been considered a top-rated travel destination. The city offers almost all of the most appealing elements of a positive and engaging journey or living experience: Unique and expansive shopping outlets and a fashionable culture, world-class restaurants, an exciting nightlife scene, and easy access to some of China’s most beautiful and famous landmarks.

These are all undoubtedly important categories to consider as a traveler to the city, but the reality is that most travel guides for Hong Kong highlight and recommend the same, generic and predictable experiences or activities year after year. While these are great options, we are here to give you the rundown on five, completely unique elements of this dynamic city that you haven’t already heard.

1. Hong Kong Has Its Own Disneyland

Located on Lantau Island, Hong Kong’s Disneyland Resort boasts seven different (and entirely unique) magical lands inspired by Disney’s most beloved stories and characters. While you can purchase your basic admission tickets to this resort online, the resort offers an underrated secret offer that could take your experience to the next level. Look for the combo package deal that includes both an admission ticket to the park and a round trip ferry ticket to the UNESCO World Heritage city of Macau for a day trip.

2. Hong Kong Has a “Hollywood Road” that is Older Than Hollywood, CA

You may have heard of Hong Kong’s famous Hollywood road – a short, .6 miles long straight that is lined with hundreds of cultural landmarks, galleries, and temples. What you may not know, however, is that this road was constructed and given its name well-before the famous area in California.

3. Hong Kong Has Some of the World’s Most Affordable Yet Effective Spa Treatments

Not only are the spa experiences in Hong Kong affordable, but they are also extremely effective at reducing stress and leaving you rejuvenated and ready to take on the city’s more overwhelming tourism activities. The Hong Kong Massage, a unique style foot massage administered on your back, is one of the city’s best-kept secrets. You can inquire about this experience at any reputable spa in Hong Kong.

4. Hong Kong Has an Underrated Street Art and Graffiti Scene

When you think of Hong Kong, you probably don’t immediately think about the iconic street art murals. The city is, in fact, full of interesting wall murals painted by a wide range of really impressive graffiti artists. If you visit this city, be sure to look out for these murals and to search their artist’s names in Google as you find different murals. You may be shocked to learn that the seemingly irrelevant wall art is actually painted by a world-class artist!

5. Hong Kong Has the World’s Longest Covered Escalator

We know this one sounds strange, but this is entirely true. The city’s Central-Mid-Levels Escalator extends a whopping 2,600 feet, making Hong Kong the world record holder of the longest reaching covered escalator. The other interesting fact about this escalator is that it is actually used by thousands of local residents each day as a transportation method to commute to and from work. The escalator connects Hong Kong’s busy Central and Western Districts to the more residential, SoHo district. Imagine commuting via escalator!


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