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5 Ways Payroll Software can Lower Challenges for Recruitment Industries

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The duty of hiring has become different from what it was a decade ago. The war of hiring is predicted to shoot up in near future with increasing number of candidates, which is also an alarming factor for recruitment industries to buckle up and look for some best resources available out there in order to lower the burden.

With constantly changing market conditions, hiring competency is never to settle down. But, beyond hiring, what are some major challenges of a recruitment agency/ industry?

  • Paper-based slower processes
  • Database management
  • Timely payroll
  • Data security
  • Longer access time
  • Error-prone tax calculations
  • Timesheets, etc.

Too long! Isn’t it? But did you pay attention to what all these issues are mainly associated with? Deficiency of a payroll software! Don’t you agree?

Given below are some prime benefits of a payroll software which can eliminate aforementioned confronts at staffing or recruitment industry like yours-

Automated Computations

Computerized payroll processes helps its users to save more time on this, reducing errors which are more likely to happen with manual process. Once all required data is fed and tracked by the system, it automatically calculates the final pay (including tax) to be processed and deducted. It eliminates the need of any human intervention entirely closing all windows for any error.

Accurate Payroll

Integrated time-tracking machine like biometric attendance tool helps you calculate exact hours. This data is then used to calculate the exact pay to be processed along with informative payslip depicting each parameter induced viz. PF, PTAX, gross salary, etc. It also helps you in paying workers who needs to be paid hourly. These workers include construction workers, truck drivers, or the temporarily hired HR at your staffing agency.

24/7 Access to Information

Cloud based payroll software helps you stay competitive in the market. Payroll software for recruitment agencies let’s you create and keep a follow-up of jobs on the go. It helps you access candidate database from anywhere and anytime through you hand-held device itself. Instant access to employee’s information gives pace to daily operations at your base. The software is available to your service round the clock. You no more need to spend minutes for just a minute information!

HR MIS Reporting

Staffing/ recruitment agency being a larger entity with so many departments, it becomes a tough job to keep a track of various parameters that are actually vital for its performance. The management information system reports provide a good amount of information needed for assessment. The human resource management information system includes parameters like revenue, customer satisfaction, records, database, and much more. Also, there are HRMS platforms, which lets you customize needed parameters of a required report.

Data Security

Data security is one of the most concerned factors at recruitment industry. With a plenty of data form all over associated companies, it becomes important for them to invest in a trusted cloud-server for providing best data-security with a backup to those data. Traditional cloud-based payroll/HRMS software are generally based on 3rd party cloud server with a trusted cloud-security. Data loss is no more a concern for data bank like yours.

Now give a raise to your manpower consulting game with an HRMS with dedicated payroll solution for your organization. With increasing competition of hiring, payroll software for the industry could be the breakthrough. The features discussed above are something that will help you stay ahead of the curve.

5 ways discussed in the earlier part are not the only in the list. Other points include improved HR performance, eased tax calculations, document management, reduced clerical errors and centralized HR base, to name a few. HRMS with well-equipped features takes you an inch closer to winning your goals and a reputed position in market. An automated payroll software will help you save tons of hours each month.

Payroll software for recruitment makes it easy to track and recoup each vital factor whenever needed and that too in seconds. Need of paper at your base is permanently eliminated.


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