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6 Tips to overcome the fear and anxiety of visiting a dentist

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A visit to the dentist usually involves a lot of fear and anxiety. The anticipation of pain and embarrassment makes people tensed about their upcoming dental visit. According to studies, 13% to 24% of people around the world suffer from dental phobia or anxiety of visiting dentist. Some people are so terrified of dentists that they avoid undergoing dental treatments altogether until the toothache becomes unbearable, and the infection is too serious.

It’s not a good feeling to have your teeth scraped and drilled. It’s not a pleasurable experience. Yet, it’s important to consult a dentist periodically to keep your teeth and gums healthy.

Here are the 6 tips that can help you overcome anxiety of visiting dentist.

1. Go with your bestie: A friend knows your strength and weakness. He knows what makes you scared, and what makes you happy. He also knows how to calm your agitated nerves. Moreover, sometimes having your buddy in the clinic helps to boosts your morale. You know that if something goes wrong, he will be there to help you.

2. Consult a good dentist: A good dentist can help you to overcome your dental fears and anxiety. Ask your friends to recommend a good dentist. If they don’t know a good dentist, then you can search online. Search a good health care center in your area.

For instance, if you live in the Rajarhat area, then search for a good health care center in Newtown, Kolkata, which offers dental care to patients. Read the reviews of both the health care center and the dentist. If the reviews are good, then you can consult there.

When you meet the dentist finally, ask him various types of questions. Ask him what exactly is going to happen. Observe how he reacts to your questions. Is he friendly and patient? Is he rude? Can you interact with him comfortably? If the dentist is friendly and has a patient ear, then it’s a sign that you can discuss your oral problems with him without escalating your dental fear.

A good dentist will tell you all the steps that he will take to solve your oral problem. This may help to alleviate your fear.

3. Learn sign language: Many people are worried about not being able to express or communicate their pain to the dentist since their mouth is blocked.

Speak to the dentist about your fear and agree on a signal that would help him understand that you’re in great pain. Once you give the signal, the dentist may stop working with his tools for the time being and give you some time to recuperate from the pain. It’s like a stop-gap.

4. Listen to music: Carry your iPod when you’re going to the dentist. When you’re too stressed, music can be a great diversion. It can help you forget about the dental tools that look so scary. Plus, it becomes easy to go through the entire process. So listen to catchy music and your favorite tunes to calm your agitated nerves.

Ask the dentist if you can carry an iPod with you. If an iPod is not acceptable, then carry earbuds instead so that the dentist can complete his work without any disturbance.

5. Request for sedation: Don’t be afraid of asking for sedation if required. Sedation can help to make a patient calm. Some of the most popular forms of sedation are a nitrous oxide, local anesthetic, and IV sedation.

Ask the dentist about what kind of sedation will be suitable for you. Is it enough to make your teeth and gums numb? Is there any harmful consequence of being numb? Will you be unable to swallow food henceforth?

Well, the effect of sedation remains only for a few hours. You would only lose sensation for a few hours but your teeth and gums would continue to function normally. So there is no need to get panicked.

6. Choose an appropriate time: Dentists have a very hectic schedule, and they are extremely busy at certain times. For instance, you’re likely to find a long queue during the weekends. In the weekdays, mornings and evenings are a very busy period. The middle of the day is a peaceful time.

Most people have gone to the office and school at that time. There is a relaxed atmosphere in the dental clinic, which can help to calm your nerves. Moreover, there is a great probability that you would be out of the dental clinic quickly. There is no need to spend a huge time in the dental clinic and be worried about what is expected to come.


The fear of needles often prevents people from consulting a dentist. And, it’s not only the dentist, but almost 1 in 5 people also avoid undergoing any medical test due to the fear of needles.

Admit your fears in front of the dentist & try to avoid anxiety of visiting dentist. He might help to reduce your fears. He may use a numbing gel before giving you an injection. You won’t have to endure any pain.

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