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7 Amazing Tricks To Increase Downloads of Your App

Tips & tricks increase downloads in your App

The mobile app business can reach its potential peak only if it reaches a considerable amount of the target audience. The more the reach, the higher the number of downloads according to its uses and popularity of an app. With a tremendous amount of competition on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, both are trying hard to convenience users to download their apps. Most of the app development companies are also providing various features that can help the user to reach the targeted audience. 

  • In 2017, there were 178.1 billion app downloads. Statista estimates that this number will shoot to 258.2 billion app downloads by 2022.(view)

Here are some Hacks to increase the Mobile App Downloads within your budget.  

1. App Store Optimisation

ASO is a significant way to increase the download of applications by increasing the visibility of the app in the app store. It amplifies the chance that your app will be discovered in the store, which is how more individuals will find it and hence multiplying downloads. Although ASO is a critical issue, it does not pay enough attention to several app developers. ASO helps in getting favorable outcomes by focusing on these methods which include-

  • Keyword ranking
  • App store impressions
  • Number of downloads

2. Choosing the name Strategically

From the start, it is essential to ensure that name plays a vital role in making the business profitable or ranking the app. The business mostly runs due to its creativity and uniqueness that grabs customer attention. Make sure the name of the app contains some keywords to which it belongs. Some factors need to be considered before choosing the app name, which includes simplicity, relevance, uniqueness, and availability of the title. It helps that potential consumers can find you easily. But, one thing to keep in mind is that the keyword should be smartly placed. 

3. Increase Brand Awareness

Developing an app keeping a potential customer in mind is the primary reason to increase brand awareness. It is essential to enhance app presence and spread it worldwide with the help of WordPress. The best way is to get a unique domain name and informed all the users about the key features of your app. It is vital to have a unique design and a little bit creative that can strengthen the app identity. Running a blog on your site can bring in more customers which result in more downloads. 

4. Enhance your Social Media Process

You need to have the content to be shared on your social media channels once you have an up and running blog. Involving and engaging your crowd is the best way of encouraging them through sharing the content. This will assist in boosting downloads by getting more followers on your social media profiles. Sharing any content on social media can grab potential customers with the help of Facebook, Instagram, and many other platforms. 

5. Plan a free app launch

Another excellent approach to get more downloads is to launch your app for free. This may sound relatively simple, but it will boost your likelihood of more downloads dramatically. Make your app free for a while if your app is free but provide paid in-apps. This will boost your download amount and promote individuals to use more of your app. The engagement rate will improve and will inevitably stir curiosity and drive more downloads.

6. Encourage User Reviews

More positive reviews are another excellent way to drive more downloads. In fact, not only will the algorithms increase your app rankings, but with a strong reputation, consumers will be more tempted to download your app. Your objective is to encourage users to use in-app messages to review your app. Be cautious that too many notifications do not annoy the user. Reviews are a great way to engage with customers and boost your app’s quality.

7. Presentation

Another useful trick is to upload any content with food quality videos and pictures. With these engaging visual representatives, you can encourage customers to get immediate downloads. One thing we must understand is that the first impression is always the last impression. With the best visual impact, it encourages instant downloads. Make sure you always highlight app-related photos and key features and for ballooning downloads. 


With today’s growing rivalry, find innovative strategies for app promotion that should be incorporated with efforts. It doesn’t matter how great and well-designed your app os, but putting effort into the promotion will ever get downloaded for your app. You can Hire Android App Developers that can improve your online presence and take significant steps in boosting the app’s rating and retention. 


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