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A beautiful journey from Makkah to Madinah

Makkah to Madinah

If you are planning your journey for Makkah to Madinah then this is for you only. You can know about places and rituals for Makkah and Madinah.

About Makkah

Makkah, the holiest site in Islam is the land where many pilgrims get together across the whole world just for a sole purpose which is the basic purpose of our lives. Worshipping the only Creator of the entire world can be done in several ways and one of these ways is to pay a visit to His house (Holy Kabah). Gathering at a single place regardless of complexion, castes, status, and ranks is the beauty of Islamic religion.

Although while delivering Hajj, Madinah is a must-visit but it’s not a compulsion when you are offering lesser pilgrimage. Yet many pilgrims prefer to visit Madinah to sightsee holy places. If you are fortunate enough to get a chance to visit the sacred city of Makkah, then must visit Madinah either to complete your visit.

About Madinah

Madinah is the next holiest land on earth in Islam after Makkah and is the place holding great significance as this city is immune to Dajjal. Madinah has plenty of sacred sites which Muslims are used to visit while being on a trip to offer pilgrimage. And all the sites have profound worth in Islam, the visit over which rewards you a lot. How to Book Cheap Umrah

Madinah is the land where Holy Prophet SAWW built His mosque after getting exiled from Makkah and then later built His mosque which Muslims visit after the pilgrimage. Holy Prophet SAWW spend 13 years of His life in Madinah. The city holds several religious sites where Muslims come for Ziarat. Here, some of the sacred sites are mentioned which you may visit after offering the pilgrimage.

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Place to vist from Makkah to Madinah

Masjid e Quba:  

Masjid e Quba is the first mosque of Islam where Holy Prophet SAWW first stayed after emigrating from Makkah. Masjid e Quba is known for being the first mosque to be built in Islam. Holy Prophet SAWW once said that who purifies himself at His home and then comes to Masjid e Quba to offer two Rakahs therein, will be rewarded the reward of a lesser pilgrimage

Masjid e Nabawi:

Masjid e Nabawi (as the name of the mosque indicates its meaning ‘the mosque of Prophet SAWW) is the mosque in Madinah. Masjid means ‘mosque’ and Nabawi is for ‘Holy Prophet SAWW’, that it’s the mosque of Holy Prophet SAWW. When Holy Prophet SAWW migrated from Makkah to Madinah, everyone in Madinah was hoping that Holy Prophet SAWW would stop by their house so thus the chiefs of Madinah rode around His camel. On being asked by the people of Madinah, He SAWW answered that wherever that camel stopped, that place would be my home and the camel knelt down at the place where Masjid e Nabawi is stood now.

It is narrated by Anas RA that Holy Prophet SAWW said that whoever performs 40 Salah in Masjid e Nabawi without missing one Salah in the mosque will be granted exemption from the hell fire. At another place, Hazrat Abu Huraira RA narrated that Holy Prophet SAWW uttered that one Salah offered in Masjid e Nabawi is superior to one thousand Salah except in Masjid al Haram.

Ustuwaanah Aisha:

Ustuwaanah Aisha, as the name of this holy place indicates that something’s relating to Hazrat Aisha RA (wife of Holy Prophet SAWW). Hazrat Aisha RA reported that Holy Prophet SAWW said that there’s one such spot in this mosque which if people know the true blessed nature thereof, they would herd towards that spot in such a manner to pray there they would have to cast such lots. Initially she didn’t tell the exact spot but later on the persistence of Abdullah bin Zubair RA, she pointed to this spot and the exact spot was shown and the Hadith was reported by her so the place was named as Ustuwaanah Aisha.


Riyaad-ul-Jannah (Garden of Paradise) is the space between the sacred chamber and the pulpit. Muslims seek Jannah and want to be in Jannah hereafter and if you get a chance to sightsee a place parallel to Jannah then certainly no Muslim would miss it. So, if you are visiting Madinah then must visit Riyaad-ul-Jannah as many scholars interpreted the Hadith (the garden between Holy Prophet’s house and pulpit is from the gardens of Paradise) as this garden is parallel to a garden above in Paradise.

Masjid e Juma:

The mosque of great significance where our Holy Prophet SAWW offered the first Khutba of Jumma Mubarak and it’s the first mosque where the Khutba of Jumma was offered ever. Because of the offering of khutba of Jumma, the mosque was named as Masjid e Jumma.

Bir Shifa:

The Well of Shifa in Madinah, Bir Shifa initially had poisonous water which was converted into the Well of Shifa after Holy Prophet SAWW spitted into it. Muslims are familiar with the term (loaab e dehan) meaning ‘saliva’ of Holy Prophet SAWW. So, visit this holy site and take the water to get Shifa.

Bir Uthman:

A holy place that made Muslims to thank their Lord for great blessings like water which He SWT blessed us without any limitation. And it’s the place making us realize how Merciful and Kind our Creator is! Bir Uthman is a well that was radically owned by a Jew who sold water on very high prices to Muslims when there’s a shortage of water due to lack of rainfall in Madinah.

When Holy Prophet SAWW knew about that affair, He SAWW asked all the Muslims that if anyone who wants a house in Jannah would buy that well for Muslims. Hazrat Usman RA bought half of the well on hearing that as that Jew sell half of it. And Waqf it for Muslims so they could have as much water as they wanted to. After this, no one bought water from Jew so he decided to sell the other half of that well and asked Hazrat Usman RA to buy that other half happily. Since that, that well was known as Bir Uthman.

Jannat ul Baqi:

The main cemetery of Madinah, Jannat ul Baqi is the graveyard where many members of the Prophet’s close family are buried here. Around ten thousand of His companions and many pious personalities are buried here. Visit this great place where the loved ones of our Prophet SAWW are buried.

Wadi e Jinn:

Jinn is the creature that is contemplated to be the supernatural paranormal creature. Wadi e Jinn, the land of mystery is known by different names like Magnetic Hill, Magnet Mountain, Gravity Hill, Mystery Hill, and Mysterious Spot. Here a myth is involved that there is jinn (supernatural paranormal creatures) in this valley which upsurges the magnetic resonance causing things to move with higher acceleration. And the valley is named after it. Visit the site that you will certainly find fascinating.

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