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A Large World Map As Art

Large World Map As Art

There are lots of uses for a classic Large World Map. Obviously, the most important uses are reference and instruction. Travelers will use maps to help coordinate their forays, and teachers will use maps to illustrate the course of events of human history. Businesses will use maps to plan routes and keep track of territories and regions. A world traveler might want to hang up a large world map to showcase their journeys with map pins and important sights they’ve experienced or to serve as a conversation starter.

One of the most underrated uses for a large world map is for decor or art. There are lots of ways you can use a large world map to supplement the decor in a room to alter the mood or accent the sense of style within. You have the versatility to cover the entire wall or just to hang up a smaller framed world map or poster. There’s a lot of flexibility you have with the style of map you want to hang or the projection you want to use, but one thing is for sure. When you’re looking for a large world map to use as a piece of wall art, you’ll find more selections at World Maps Online than anywhere else.

A map of the world can be used to great effect for setting the ambiance of a room. You could go with a map that features bright blue oceans to vibe with the cooler tones of a setting. You could go with Earth tones in a map, whether political or topographic, for great effect with the natural color scheme of a room. You could go with an antique-styled world map to add an atmosphere of gravity or dignity to an office, library or another place of study.

You don’t need to just go with standard political or topographic maps, either, especially when you come to World Maps Online. World Maps Online has a full selection of maps in unconventional styles and with twists on standard projections. Consider the 1-World Text Map Mural in Black on White that you’ll find at World Maps Online. It’s an interesting projection of the world featuring textual overlay over the outlines of the continents. Its stark contrast meshes perfectly with interior designs that key on minimalist tones. You might be interested in something as unique as their World Time Zones Wall Map Mural, which presents the world from the perspective of the many time zones. It’s something unique and rare, a certain conversation starter and a feature that would put an interesting twist on decor.

If you’re interested in geography or just appreciate the visual aesthetic of the living globe, you might be interested in their Detailed World Satellite Image map, which shows the continents as they appear in NASA Satellite Imagery. It’s a stimulating and intriguing projection that will be sure to impress. The Physical World Miller and Mercator projections offer additional twists to the representation of the physical world. Yet these are only a small sample of the many high-quality maps that are offered by World Maps Online that you can use to great effect as artistic pieces. Take a look today at WorldMapsOnline.com to see what else they can offer you to make the most of your interior design.

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