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A Road Map To Custom Web Development

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The website you develop is the face of your business that will be the key to decide your business performance and reach. When you wish to look for Custom Web Development Toronto services, you must follow the expertly suggested road map to the venture so that you get the best outcome that will match your expectations. Here is the course you must follow for the success of your custom web development project.


This is the first phase of the custom web development project that will do the groundwork for the rest of the venture. You must do a thorough listing of what your company is about, the products or services you deal with, the target customers, what is unique about your business, the key goals and objectives you have for your business, and the expectations you want your website to fulfill.

Conduct a kick-off meeting with the important stakeholders in your business and run a business analysis including a competitor and industry research.

Also review your branding materials. Based on all this, make a brief summarizing the key findings and create a strategic foundation for your website.

Planning is the key to success

Successful planning is the key to getting the best out of your website. This must happen with the help of the website development agency since they will be able to give you the scope of what you can achieve with your website.

During this stage, you will prepare detailed planning for your custom website. During this stage, you will work on aspects like site architecture, wireframes, technologies to implement, and other key points regarding the website to be developed.

Also plan for the navigation the visual representation of the user interface, the production sketch that will form the foundation for the site, and identifying the technologies that will be used for building the site in order to meet your objectives.

Designing of the site

Now the web development company working for you is ready with the complete plan and layout to proceed with. The designing phase will consist of getting ready with the visual content, photos, images, videos, and infographics.

During this stage, the custom web development company will give you the comps of the homepage, secondary and tertiary pages. This phase will also focus working on how the site will look across different devices like cellphones, tablets, laptops and others.

Content development

Though this task must start well in advance, you will review, improve upon, and develop the content further in order to best address the customer expectations and the mission of the business.

This phase will also consist of tasks like writing new page content and new copy for the site, identifying and pulling information for the graphic elements like charts and infographics, working with Meta tags, site descriptions and SEO elements.

Launching the site and improving it

Till here you have been closely working with the custom web development company. Now the job of the company starts. They will do the coding and site development and then the site will be launched.

Once it is all done, focus on maintaining and improving the site and doing a solid SEO to optimize your site in every way possible so that the site starts serving your purpose to the fullest.

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