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Top 5 Android App Development Technologies in 2022!!

Android App Development Technologies in 2022


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Mobile Apps are becoming the major traffic source these days. Whether you can take the example of TikTok, Instagram, Amazon, or any of these, the number of Mobile App users is growing insanely.

The reason behind increasing usage growth is that individuals spend a lot of time on their smartphones. Not only the gaming and social media apps but also. If you are going to buy things online, you will prefer to go with Amazon mobile app rather than a website.

Especially Android apps, the play store has a lot more mobile apps than the Apple app store. As Android Mobile Apps became popular, there are new technologies in the market every year.  

Following this reason, it becomes a picky task to choose between the perfect Android App Development language for your business. Today, in this article we are going to spread some light on some of the top Android App Development Languages in 2022.

Android App Development Technologies

1.      Java:

If you are familiar with the coding industry, you surely have gone through Java. Not only Java is one of the most used languages among programmers but also it offers a good community.

Moreover, along with App development, Java is a widely used language in web development projects. Not only do the App developers find easy API-creating options but also provide seamless interaction in cross-platform development.

However, if you are a beginner in Android App Development and looking to start with Java, you may find some difficulties because of the coding complexities.

2.    Kotlin:

The second name that comes after Java is Kotlin. Kotlin was introduced by Google in 2019. In a very short span, Kotlin gained a huge amount of popularity amongst app developers. Many reasons make Kotlin superior to Java. Instance, if a code in Java is going to take 100 lines, you can write the same in Kotlin in 30-50 lines. All thanks to easy coding structure.

Although Kotlin was introduced much later than Java yet both languages work in almost the same flow. For example, Java Kotlin also depends on Java Virtual Machine.

Thus, Kotlin is one of the finest choices for Android Mobile App Development not only for beginners but also for advanced programming.

3.    Python:

In our top Android App Development languages list, Python stands at third place. Although Python does not support native Android App Development, coders can write Android Applications with the help of its libraries.

Instance Kivy is one of the widest-used Python libraries for Native Android App Development. Moreover, Mobile apps developed on Python show very low code execution time.

Furthermore, you can develop a variety of brilliant performing Android Apps within very less time with the help of the easy coding structure offered by Python.

4.    Dart:

How can we miss out on Dart when it comes to Android Apps? Dart is one of the most used languages among the coding community for Android App development.

Moreover, it shows a lot of coding similarities with Java which makes it easy to learn for beginners.

On top of that, various Android app coders prefer Dart over other frameworks because of its capability of managing bigger projects. Not only do the Mobile Apps Developed on Dart offer extensive performance but also we can build Web apps using Dart language.

Along with all the other benefits Dart is also known for providing the best app layouts to developers. All thanks to the hot reload feature that shows the immediate effects of changes made in layouts.

In case you are planning to start your project and looking for a relevant language, Dart is going to be a perfect choice.

5.    Flutter:

Now, this is the last but not the least Framework you should never miss out on if you are having a small team.

Developers can not only develop Android apps using Flutter but also the major advantage of it is that the same code is going to work for both Android and iOS Mobile Apps.

On top of that, Flutter offers a wide variety of customization options with very simple coding structures.

After a very recent launch by Google, Flutter has enormously taken over a very large user base.

The only disadvantage of Flutter is that the apps developed with Flutter get bigger in size. The reason that stands behind the same is while putting Android and iOS code on the same boat, length and code execution time get a bit higher.

Although Flutter is a newly introduced framework, yet, a colossal number of start-ups and bigger projects are using it because of its offerings.

In the end,

When it comes to App or web development there is no evidence of which one is better. Because the factor that any of the frameworks makes better is usability. As a well-known fact, usability varies from project type to project type.

In the end, if you are a start-up company and going for a planned budget project. You should give Flutter a go for your App Development. Along with Android, you will also have iOS Mobile Apps ready without putting in the extra effort.

Moreover, you can also find us for Mobile App Development projects at our email address [email protected].

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