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Awesome Features of Nanjing Medical University

Nanjing Medical University

It is one of the best universities based in China. It is interesting to know that the word Nanjing is divided into Nan and Jing. Nan means south and Jing means capital. China was earlier divided into two major parts. One part was called South China and the other part was called north China. It was done only because of the size of the country. There were two capitals. One was Nanjing and the other was Beijing. Nanjing was the South capital and Beijing was the north capital. These cities remained the capital cities of China for a long time. Presently, only Beijing is the capital of China. Nanjing has been the capital, it means that it is one of the highest developed countries of China politically, culturally and economically. The great of Nanjing medical university is B+. This great is given by the World Health Organisation. University is located in the province of Jiangsu.

Important Details

The university e offers the degree of MBBS in 5 years with an estimated tuition fee of Rs. 17 lacs. It is considered as one of the best medical colleges in the country. It was set up in the year 1941. It has been running for more than 75 years. They have celebrated the Diamond Jubilee of the university. It is no small deal to consider if you are searching for a good University for MBBS.

Government Support

The University has completely supported by the government of China and therefore it offers a wonderful quality of education at the least possible cost. When there is the intervention of the Government of any country to any educational institution, there are no worries associated with the academic or non-academic of the educational institution. The safety is also the parameter about which the parents can be completely e a sure about.

Internship Choice

The university offers MBBS program for 6 years. Out of 6 years, 5 years are dedicated to the core teaching of the MBBS program and one year is required for internship by all the students compulsorily. The students of the choice to complete their internship from the hospitals affiliated with the university or they can also go to their home country and pursue their internship for one year. Then they can start practicing in their home country itself or any other country of their choice.

Reasons to Invest in the University

The university holds around 8000 students who are from an Indian background. All of them are pursuing MBBS from the country. The University has around 300 students from India who were studying in different courses. The students who study from foreign universities have to appear in a screening test organised by the Medical Council of India and then only they can start their practice in India. The percentage of students who pass this test is 28%.

Country Specifications The law and order condition in China is of high quality and the students who go from different countries to study MBBS in China are completely safe. There are many people from all over the world who are either studying or working in China. The Chinese government makes sure that the students coming from International backgrounds get the best quality of Medical Education of international standards as well as traditional Chinese medicine.


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