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Be Sure to Buy Taxi axi InsuranceInsurance Before Your Next Pick-Up

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It has never been more challenging to make a living as a personal driver than it is now. Thanks to the rise of rideshare apps such as Uber and Lyft, the number of potential drivers on the road has gone up drastically. The chances of getting into an accident that could lead to a liability lawsuit have risen as well, making the need to Buy Taxi Insurance all the more important.

Not long ago, being a taxi driver once felt like being a part of an exclusive club. They were the masters of the road and some of the rare few who could confidently say they knew the roads of their city like the back of their hands.

For anyone who lives or works in a city, taxis were and still are a critical element of everyday life, Taxi Insurance is very important. Major cities such as New York City are synonymous with the sight of yellow taxi cabs occupying the streets.

In most cases, they represent the fastest way to travel across major metropolitan areas and are so popular that most city dwellers do not even bother to own their own car. Some do not even get a driver’s license until much later in life due to the convenience and availability of taxis and rideshares.

The rise in popularity of rideshare apps has made it more difficult to turn a healthy profit as a taxi driver. With this rise in competition, it is important for all taxi drivers to spend their money more wisely and make every penny count. Unfortunately, life can sometimes throw things at us that make it very difficult to stick to a set budget for Taxi Insurance.

Car accidents and other on-road mishaps can land drivers in hot water – even the times when it is not their fault. A passenger can hold a driver accountable for any injury they might suffer in the event of an accident occurring.

The chances of an accident are much higher than you might think when you consider that, according to NBC News, almost 50% of passengers have admitted to not wearing a seatbelt while in the back of a taxi cab or a personal vehicle.

Another important fact to keep in mind from the NY Times is that drivers on their phone are 23 times more likely to get into an accident. This is concerning when you remember that nearly all drivers’ use directional apps on their phones or GPS systems to get around.

Injuries to drivers are not always caused by themselves or other drivers, however. According to a report from USA Today, more than 43% of all injuries to full-time taxi drivers come from violent acts caused by other individuals such as passengers or other drivers. Even when a taxi driver is a victim, they can still be hit with a frivolous claim that will require serious time and money to overcome.

Many taxi and rideshare app drivers across the United States have come to realize that it is not as easy as one might think to buy Taxi Insurance.

This is because some insurance companies are unwilling to offer some form of liability protection that is specifically made for full-time drivers. Where other companies drop the ball, XINSURANCE is there to pick it right up.

XINSURANCE has made it easier than ever to buy Taxi Insurance that meets the unique needs of full-time drivers. They offer customizable plans that allow drivers to pick the coverage they want, like Commercial Auto Liability (not available in all states), Alleged Assault & Battery Liability, and Commercial Auto Physical Damage just to name a few.

If this all sounds like music to your ears, then head over to XINSURANCE.com to get a free quote in no time, or to reach out to one of their well-trained field underwriters who are ready to help you out.


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