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Best gaming apps for kids to enhance learning

Best gaming apps for kids

Are you tired of seeing your child addicted to smartphones? Then you can find these best gaming apps for kids to enhance learning as well as helping to change addiction to smart learning.

Yes, you heard right now you can teach your kids with the help of your smartphones. Nowadays, parents are giving smartphones to kids to play rather than toys, that harms the children brains in many ways.

But you can change your child addiction of playing smartphones to learning different creative educational things.

Today, the development of android gaming attracts not even children, adults are also being addicted to many games.

I am presenting you the top 15 best android apps or games that will helps kids to enhance learning habits using android phones.

List of best gaming apps for kids to enhance learning

1. YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids is the best app for kids to enhance learning. This is an app where it is only for kids to learn as well as watching cartoons and others.

The main feature of this App is it gives the video only for kids. And This will not give adult videos that are bad for kids. So, it is the best gaming apps for kids to enhance learning. YouTube Kids gives the video where kids can learn, and watch cartoons.

And it has millions of downloads which prove that all family gives the kid this app to learn and watch animations.

Rating: 4.3

Developer: Google LLC

Downloads: 100M+

2. ABC Kids – Tracing & Phonics

ABC Kids is the best offline games for kids which can also be open and played by kids themselves. This is a colorful and attractive education kid app where it helps kids to learn the English Alphabet with no Ads.

In this app, kids will learn the alphabet in a various and attractive way. Here, the app gives you the voice with attractions and colorful pictures and helpful concepts to fill up the letter to make AB and C.

Not only with one feature, it Includes ABC tracing games, phonics pairing, letter matching, and more.

Rating: 4.4

Developer: RV AppStudious

Downloads: 10M+

3. 123 Numbers – Count and Tracing

123 Numbers is the best number of educational games for kids. This is also a full version with no ads at all as well as safe to use for all kids.

Here, same as “ABC Kids” you have to fill up the number 1,2,3 in this. As well as you can also get the learning of numbers with other activities. This app is the best app to learn and makes us easy. 

I like this developer which makes different games for kids in the attracted and easiest way.

Rating: 4.4

Developer: Rv AppStudious

Downloads: 1M+

4. Maths Kids – Add, Subtract, Count and Learn

If you want kids to learn math with the easiest and attractive way, then this app might help.

Math Kids is a colorful cartoon math app where it helps to learn your kid full of basic math. Also, this game is full of versions with the feature of no Ads.

In this enhance learning apps for a kid, you can get the learning method with the easiest way that helps your kid to learn math as well as increases the brain. This app is for all kids where it includes the feature of learning basic math as add, subtract, count, and others.

Rating: 4.3

Developer: RV AppStudious

Downloads: 5M+

5. Spot it: Find the Difference

Spot it is the best educational apps for 4 year olds and above the age of 4 and also it can be played by adults.

In this amazing best gaming apps for kids to enhance learning, you have to find the difference between the given picture.

The more your kid finds the more brain increases. You will be given two picture and you have to find the differences. If your kid doesn’t find it also features to give a hint. It is an amazing game.

Rating: 4.1

Developer: Arclite Systems

Downloads: 10M+

6. Puzzle Kids – Animals Shapes and Jigsaw Puzzles

Puzzle Kids is one of the best gaming apps for kids to enhance learning where your kids have to solve. This game helps the kids to solve anything faster and it might help to increase IQ.

This game is for kids above the age of 3, your kid will be given the puzzle where your kid has to solve the puzzle using his brain and fill the image with a suitable piece.

Also here is the puzzle where your kids have to fill the animals with a suitable body part. Also it has no ads with a full version.

Rating: 4.2

Developer: RV AppStudious


7. Drawing for Kids Learning Games for Toddlers age 3

Drawing for kids is the game of kid above the age of 3 where your kids have to draw.

In this app, you have to choose one of the animals like cats. Then you have to choose the color, it will give you the hint to draw were and you have to draw where it is showing. Then your drawing will be completed.

 In this way, your kid learns the movement of the hand which helps to write and draw in real life.

Rating: 4.4

Developer: Bini Bambini

Downloads: 5M+

8. Vehicles Puzzles

Vehicles Puzzles is the best learning and brain increasing apps for kids. This a colorful vehicle puzzle learning app which is the game above the age of 4.

In this game, you will be given levels and you have to fill the vehicles and solve the puzzle to pass that level. The difficulty goes higher when you pass more levels.

Rating: 4.2

Developer: BKG Studio

Downloads: 1M+

9. Dragon Box Algebra 5+

Dragon Box is the best educational kid game where it teaches algebra.

Here, it is paid but it is an excellent learning app from the kids up to the age of 5. 

The main thing is it teaches you math algebra secretly that you will like this app. Also, it will cover the addition, subtraction, and multiplication.

Rating: 4.6

Developer: Kahoot DragonBox AS

Downloads: 50K+

Price: 5.44$

10. Educational Games 4 Kids

Educational Games 4 Kids is one of the best games for kids where you get about all the features of other games.

Here, you will get all types of educational/learning games. This is like 10 in 1 type of best gaming apps for kids to enhance learning. This includes animal name and sound, kid games, Pinball, increase brainpower games, and many more.


Developer: PescAPPs

Downloads: 10M+

11. Abc mouse.com

Abc mouse.com is also the best kids learning app designed by a professional teacher and developer. You can find websites as well as the app.

Here, you will get to teach different subjects including science,math, social, art, etc. You can learn more than 9,000+ activities. You will like this app more than others. It has also got awards for teacher and parents.

Rating: 4.1

Developer: Age of Learning, Inc.

Downloads: 10M+

12. Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle

Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle is the best one feature lite version educational games for kids to all ages.

Here, there is only one learning activity at the little version. There is also a full version which has different activities but you have to pay for that. 

In the lite version, there one feature in which there will be a given picture such as a leg and two words such as “eg”, you have to find a word and complete it as using “L”.

Rating: 4.3

Developer: Intellijoy Educational Games for Kids

Downloads: 5M+

13. Science Kids Learning – Be Super Scientist!

Science Kids Learning is the best kids learning games above the age of 5. This is the app where you get learned about science in the best way.

Here, you can experiment by yourself, know the science of the human body, plants, and animals. You will get more of the science basics like you read the science for the first time.

Rating: 4.0

Developer: NutBolt Games

Downloads: 50K+

14. KinderGarten Kids Learning App: Educational Games

Kindergarten is the best kid learning app that has a different feature in a single app.

In this app, there will be different educational games. This app includes “ABC learning, Number Counting, Color Learning, Science Learning, Signing, and Counting.

Rating: 4.4

Developer: GreySprings

Downloads: 1M+

15. Funny Food educational games for kids toddlers

Funny Food is one of the best gaming apps for kids to enhance learning. It is one of the easiest and attracted learning games where under the age of 8 or age between 3 and 5.

Here, you will get 15 learning activities including hiding and seek, puzzle, coloring, creative activity, and others.

Logic, attention, education, memory thinking which is needed and give by this game.

Rating: 4.3

Developer: Wow Kids

Downloads: 10M+


At conclusion I would like to inform parents that you can increase your child education with these educational game apps. I think these list of best gaming apps for kids to enhance learning will be going to helps your kids to learn more effectively using a mobile and android phones.

Image Source – Pexel


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