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Which is the best test to get cholesterol Tested?

best test to get cholesterol Tested


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If you desire to live a healthy lifestyle, it is essential to check your cholesterol levels regularly. Stroke and heart diseases are the two major causes of death in the United States. High cholesterol levels trigger these medical conditions, so evaluate the cholesterol test status regularly.

Many cholesterol test kits are available, but it is crucial to choose the practical test. Before determining the right choice, get to know everything about cholesterol and how it creates a negative impact on your health.

Cholesterol – Overview

Cholesterol in the blood is essential for creating healthy cells, but high cholesterol levels can lead to heart disease. Fatty deposits will build up in the blood vessels if the levels are high.

Gradually, the blood flow in your arteries will be complex, and abrupt breakage of these deposits form a clot that results in a heart attack. Though high cholesterol is hereditary, unhealthy lifestyle choices contribute more. With regular exercise, diet and medication, the levels can be reduced predominantly.

The right age to get your cholesterol levels tested

More than ninety million people in the US have high cholesterol, and individuals over 20 years have the same problem. It indicates that people should start checking cholesterol levels early in life.

Moreover, people who evaluate their cholesterol levels every five years have a lower risk of cardiovascular diseases. Physicians will consider your family’s medical history as individuals whose families have a history of heart disease, heart attack or diabetes may require medical screening frequently.

How bad is high blood cholesterol?

Factors like lifestyle choices, certain medical conditions and family medical history can increase cholesterol levels. Doctors will suggest that individuals check the levels if they encounter certain risk factors specified below.

If your family members have high blood cholesterol, you have a higher chance of having it. You may inherit or share unhealthy lifestyle habits with your family members. Hypercholesterolemia is a condition that causes high cholesterol levels at a young age.

Age is another factor that can increase your cholesterol status as the body will find it challenging to clear cholesterol well. Men are more affected as they will have higher LDL and lower HDL levels than women. However, LDL levels will eventually increase in women after menopause.

Obesity is yet another risk factor that can influence your health condition seriously. From an unhealthy diet to excess weight and restricted physical activity, obesity can result in high cholesterol levels.

Are there any symptoms of high cholesterol?

There are no symptoms as it causes only high emergencies, and you will need immediate medical attention. These sudden events occur when plaque generation in arteries narrows them down, making it difficult to pass through blood.

You can only find the cholesterol level with a blood test. You have high cholesterol if the level is above 200 mg/dL. Start taking tests after you turn 20 and get them checked every five years.

Before that, you should check the cholesterol test cost. Many online pharmacies offer these tests at a cost-effective rate. However, some fake online websites sell tests for a high cost.

The best test to determine cholesterol levels

A lipid panel or lipid profile test is a simple blood test to evaluate the amount of cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood. Individuals need to take the test and check the buildup of plaques in the arteries. A narrowed or blocked artery can cause a severe issue, so book a lipid profile test immediately.


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