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Best Type of Carpets for Living Room

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A living area is the most important part of your house as it is the most visited one. It is the center of attraction as all the members of the family sit, talk and eat together here. It is the family hub of the home. However, because all that playing and relaxing of the children also take place here, the flooring choice might be more important. It is also the place where your guests get the first impression of your home interiors. Thus the living area always needs special attention when it comes to decorating it with your most favorite pieces of furniture and other accessories.

Your living room serves many purposes, so it is quite important that the living room floor is soft, comfortable, and cozy. Regardless of whether you go for natural materials or love to make a style statement with a contemporary design; durability, ease of cleaning, construction, and even color are some of the important factors that should be given enough space while going for the rugs and carpets for your living room. Whichever carpet or rug you choose, it is going to be used by you and other family members almost every day. That gives you enough reasons to settle for an ideal living room carpet hugely important. You can easily buy carpets and rugs online from the wide variety that is available.

Points of consideration before buying Carpets

Durability: If your living room has to deal with heavy traffic all day then it is mandatory on your part to go for a carpet that is durable.

Fiber Options:

The rug fiber that you decide for the front room floor influences both the look and the solidness of the rug. Choices include:


The strongest rug fiber, yet it must be treated with a stain defender once in a while. Nylon also called Polyamide is available in more extensive tones and dynamic hues that can’t be reproduced in wool. It’s a decent all-rounder fiber for family homes; great quality nylon rugs come with stain-resistant quality and are very comfortable.


Also known as PET, this fiber is very comfortable and also has the property of stain-resistant. On the other hand, it’s difficult to clean, sheds, and is not as durable as different alternatives. Though it feels soft and comfortable, however, it’s not perfect for places where there is too much traffic. Polyester is very similar to wool in appearance but is delicate, durable and color-safe. It is in its best form when it is used in a blend rather than an individual.


Wool is generally utilized for excellent rugs, As it is natural material you will have to pay more for it but the final product you get is an incredible looking floor covering. It is produced using reasonable fiber, is versatile and exceptionally tough. It is good for reducing heat loss and noise and holds its appearance surprisingly well. Wool likewise feels wonderful and delicate under the foot.


Some think that the blend of 80% wool and 20% man-made fiber, as the best mix for a universally handy rug.

Man-made rugs:

These rugs are alluring and tough. A man-made blend rug is ideal for homes where children and pets are there. It can adapt to places with heavy traffic, dirt, and spillages. It is stain-resistant and can be cleaned easily. Handmade oriental rugs are the best options that are available for flooring. It is difficult to say no to it.

Ease of Cleaning

As the living room of the house is the most visited room, spills and cleanliness issues tend to happen with greater frequency here than in most other rooms. If the flooring is easy to clean it can make your life much easier. As the carpet covers the major area of the floor it is heavy and large so choosing the one that can be easily cleaned is the best idea.

Carpet Construction

The construction of carpet can make a large impact on the look of the living room.

• Woven carpets are generally handmade. They are made using traditional loomed methods, and a large workforce in relation to the output. These carpets have premium finish, but they are regarded as the top-end choice. This is why you need to pay a heavy amount for a premium piece.

• Tufted carpets are the most popular carpet type. During the process, it is made by a row of needles punching the pile yarn into a base material. It is very easy to manufacture, and all kinds of yarns can be used for its manufacturing. Tufted carpet can be looped or cut into a great looking rug with an exceptional finish. It costs less when compared to woven carpets.

Fiber Softness

The softness of the carpet is an important consideration when buying it for a family full of children who spend a lot of their time sitting on it. A carpet cushion or an underpad can also help in achieving the desired softness and durability. Most manufacturers now a day have a good range of “soft” carpets, which have finer fibers than traditional carpet has.

Color Selection

Selection of color should be given a lot of consideration though it’s always a personal decision.  The carpet color depends mainly on your décor style. Apart from that, how frequently the room is used, the natural exposure of light in the room, and possibly the color of the walls in the room should be considered.

Bold color becomes outdated easily. Neutral-colored carpets, like beige, grey or off white never go out of style. Warm colors, such as beige or red, are good to hide dirt and stains but also create.

Try before you make the purchase. With the changing trends and awareness among the people in regards to the style quotient that plays an important part in the interiors of your house, most retailers allow their customers to take the samples before making a final call. That makes it easier for you to choose from the best options available in the market.

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