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20 Blonde Hair Color Ideas for All Skin Tone


Most people like blonde hair and they want to get the best color which suits them the most so here we have the best Blonde Hair Color Ideas. We hardly see the people have naturally blonde hair color, and there is then hardly 2-3 percent people may have. And, the blonde color looks amazing as if it is lined up correctly, and people will say to your new look just WOW.

If you don’t know about choosing the right blonde shade for your skin tone & hard to decide whether you go with highlights or not, then you are here to get your all solutions. Here we are going to share the best hair color ideas for you to choose with no regret & you will get the complete transformation in your appearance.

What You Need to Know Before Choosing your Blonde Hair Color?

Have you finalized to dye your hairs with blonde colors? If yes, then great, here are some major things you need to keep in mind. It is important to understand what tone of blonde color suits you the most& also you need to look for what the actual hair color you have. Choosing the different highlights shades to give different looks, and of course, suits your skin tone & all faces.

But here we are going to discuss the blonde hair color ideas which suit almost all skin tone. Going to choose to get blonde color with patience is the only way to get the most amazing looks. Here below are the best recommendations to choose the blonde hair color ideas for all skin tones.

Best Blonde Hair Color Ideas for all skin tone

Here we enlisted the best shades for Blonde hair colors to choose for you & make your task easy to decide what suits you the best. And hope you have happy dyeing with the best shade you will pick.

1 Extra Ash Blonde Hair color

Extra Ash Blonde Hair color

This shade comes under the lighter tone even near almost white or platinum, and this shade will suites the people having a lighter tone of complexion with blue & green eyes. You may choose the global color hair dyeing or get the balayage highlights, you will look stunning with both, and you will get a turn in to new gorgeous looks undoubtedly.

2 Light Natural – Butter Blonde (Shades) Hair Color

Butter Blonde (Shades) Hair Color

Butter Blonde Hair colors suits to almost light to medium skin tones, & give a perfect shine to your complexion & also with any eye color you have. That will change your complete appearance & you will love yourself with new looks. You can also wear any odd shades eye contact lenses to add on at your looks.

3 Golden Blonde Hair Color

Golden Blonde Hair Color

This shade is the mixture of the butter & the honey blonde which turns in to golden shades. Also Golden blonde hair color can get into the lighter tone if you keep your dye for longer.

4 Scandinavia Blonde Hair Color

Scandinavia Blonde Hair Color

Some Norwegian people have natural hair colors with blue eyes. But worry not if you are not from Eastern Europe & you may get the awesome Scandinavia Blonde Hair Color to look gorgeous. This will look amazing on even light or fair complexion people.

5 Pastel Blonde Hair Color (Light)

Pastel Blonde Hair Color

Are you looking for a bold look? Then you can go with the pastel blonde hair color & also these are counted in the list of a professional range.

6 Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors

Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors

This is another option for choosing the best blonde hair colors. The Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors looks red in the mix after dying your hairs or can say rose golden color. There is a large range of Strawberry Blonde Hair Colors to choose from.

7 Sandy Blonde Hair Colors

Sandy Blonde Hair Colors

The range of Sandy Blonde Hair Color has a variety of shades with dusty hue or beige color that is a super amazing choice for all tones complexion people. This is the perfect choice for beachy places on spring vacations.

8 Platinum Blonde Hair Color

Platinum Blonde Hair Color

When you are picking up this hair color range then you must understand that the Platinum Hair Blonde Color is almost near the white shade. So, if this is your first time for hair dying then you will not be surprised with the result if you will know this.

9 Vanilla Lilac Hair Color

Vanilla Lilac Hair Color

This is light & creamy tone, which starts with creamy vanilla from the middle of the length & then turns in to lavender shades when it will reach to the end.

10 Pearl Blonde Hair Color

Pearl Blonde Hair Color

The Pearl blonde is just like its name & looks like the pearl stone shine. This has various range of hair colors, you may choose for you. Pearl Blonde Hair Color suits mostly the fair or light tone people.

11 Caramel Blonde Hair Color

Caramel Blonde Hair Color

This hair color will be the best suitable for the medium tone people and make drastic changes to their facial looks. Also, you will look stunning when you will choose new highlights that look with the hair color range. There is a suggestion when you will dye your hair, then choose dark golden from the middle length & lighter at the end tips of hair length.

12 Cherry Blonde Color

Cherry Blonde Color

The trending color is a mix up of copper & red hue and no matter what color tone you have, it is going to make you look stunning. The color is customizable with shades lighter to dark tone as per your choice or suits your hair length.

13 Honey Blonde Hair Color

Honey Blonde Hair Color

As per the name honey soft & shiny, that’s what actually color tone looks like. The honey blonde hair colors suit most to the medium complexion people. If you have chosen this hair color for you then there is a small tip, always start from dark tone from the roots.

14 Golden Beige Blonde Hair Color

Golden Beige Blonde Hair Color

Beige color with golden mix makes the color remarkable for you to choose. You can go with these hair color ranges if you are fond of neutralizing smoky shades, and this will give highlight with natural looks.

15 Dark Beige Blonde Color

Dark Beige Blonde Color

Lock your hair with bold dark beige color to get the deep shade & that change will be remarkable & praiseworthy. Undoubtedly, you will get the compliments after getting the dark beige hue.

16 Wheat Blonde Color

Wheat Blonde Color

You know about the color of the wheat, soften brown shades for blonde hair color. This blonde colors counted in anti-ashing blonde hair colors. This is most recommended to the lighter tone people & use. And the amazing fact of the Wheat blonde color is that it looks stunning after getting to the highlights also the easiest to handle it after dying your hair.

17 Butterscotch Blonde Hair Color

Butterscotch Blonde Hair Color

The perfect blonde hair color for the darker skin tones. Butterscotch Blonde hair color would look yummy & attractive, also choose with darker tone at the roots & lighter tone at the end tips of hair length.

18 Nude Blonde Hair Color

Nude Blonde Hair Color

Nude hair color looks seems like natural blonde hair color, which usually is found at a lighter tone of all shades of blonde hair colors. This will add the cool & warm matching to your personality & your facial tones will also get change with this gorgeous looks.

19 Silver Blonde Hair Color

Silver Blonde Hair Color

This is a really nearest color tone of the platinum blonde hair color with a silver hue. This is counted in the ashy blonde colors & most people like this hair color. This metallic shimmer from the silver tones results in a more contemporary, holographic hair hue, while the blonde conducts things from detouring too distant out there. I must say that it is the right blend of all you will wish while choosing a hair color!

20 Smoked Marshmallow Color

Smoked Marshmallow Color

Are you fond of smoky shades? The latest & trendy Smoked Marshmallow blonde hair color is available for you to choose. This is hight contrasted color tone from almost all blonde hair colors. It is started with dark brown color from middle od the hair length & lighter tone to the end of the length.

How to care for the hair after getting the blonde hair color?

You must have decided your color to get dying for highlight. Now its time to learn about how to take care of new shining colors & how to maintain it with some shine for long-lasting. Once, you get hair dying then you need to use hair care products that will not damage your hair or even highlights.

You need to switch to color-protecting shampoos & conditioners to get your colored hairs gently. Why this is important? Because, the color-protecting shampoo conditioner has made to care your colored hair with soft wash also, cleanse & conditioning hairs with conditioners. I recommend using professional hair care products only because that is fully trustable & they know how to care you highlights without damaging your hairs & roots. Here is some recommendation for a professional range of hair care products if you don’t have many ideas about these – L’Oréal ParisMatrix, Sephora, Olaplex, Living Proof, etc. These would be beneficial for you to get smooth & shiny hair even after hair dying with blonde colors.



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