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Choosing the Office Chair Gas Cylinder that’s Right for You


It may feel like anybody who is on a typical day job works from an office or uses an office chair as part of their job. Anybody who does use an office chair on a daily basis knows the importance of having chairs that are adjustable in height so that everyone can sit comfortably.

Office chairs adjust using a gas cylinder. Not all gas cylinders are equal, but one thing that is common is that over time, the cylinder may need to be replaced. So how do you know if you are getting the right office chair gas cylinder for your chair? Today, we will look at the makeup of a gas cylinder and how to choose the right one for you.

An office chair gas lift cylinder has two parts: the gas spring and the column.

The gas spring holds the pressurized gas and oil for lubrication for office chairs and also has the button that actually lowers and raises the chair.

The column has a slightly larger diameter than the gas spring and sits inside the base of the office chair where the wheels or casters are located. This column actually extends through the base slightly.

When choosing the right office chair gas cylinder for you, you need to be able to identify the type of cylinder you have. This is identified by the stroke. The stroke is measured by placing the chair into the lowest height possible and then measuring the highest point when raised. For example, a four-inch stroke means the chair rises four inches from the lowest to the highest position.

To measure the stroke, a simple way to do this is to put the chair in its lowest position, move it next to a wall, mark a spot at the top of the arm of the chair or the back of the chair, then raise the chair all the way and measure again. The distance between the two marks is the measurement of the stroke.

Another measurement that matters for identifying a gas cylinder is how far it protrudes from the base of the office chair. These two measurements will help you better identify the right gas cylinder for your chair.

Now that you know the kind of office chair gas cylinder you need for replacement, you can get the materials and prepare to make the replacement yourself. To replace the gas cylinder, you need to first remove the base of the chair. When the base is removed, secure the existing cylinder with a wrench and twist until it releases. When the old cylinder is removed, insert the new gas cylinder by placing it into the base and lifting it into the mechanism.

Office chairs get used so much overtime that the gas cylinders will need to be replaced at some time. To find the best chair cylinder replacement part for your office chair from top brands in the industry, turn to Office Replacement Parts.

Your chair needs to be comfortable for you to be truly effective at work. Getting a new gas cylinder can be easy and affordable with Office Replacement Parts. With top brands available, you will find reliable parts that will make your office chair as good as new again and allow you to get back to an effective workday without pain or discomfort. Whether it is a specific brand or a universal gas cylinder that you need, Office Replacement Parts has it.

If you have any questions about the products from Office Replacement Parts or need further assistance finding what you need, call 347-561-7587 or send an email to [email protected] to have all of your questions answered and concerns addressed.



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