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Common Misconceptions Parents have about Boarding Schools

Common Misconceptions Parents have

An international boarding school is a perfect way to ensure students grow both academically and individually. It’s the school experience, both inside and outside class, that shape them to become better and capably functioning individuals in life. Having said that, there is no denying that there are also many myths that hover around boarding schools. This can make students and parents wary about these institutions. However, these usually hold no solid basis and if you pick the ideal school with thorough research, you won’t have to fear anything. Here are a few myths unearthed and unravelled so that you select the ideal boarding completely stress-free.

Myth 1: Boarding school is for troublesome children

Everyone has heard stories where only the mischievous and naughty children are sent to boarding schools as a form of punishment. In comparison, however, boarding schools are perfect and even the first preference for students who are doing well at school as well as home and are looking to broaden their horizons and embrace new challenges. These schools can, in actuality, help students get more social, become self-dependent and learn to share.

Myth 2: Boarding school mainly focus on academics

Yes, a boarding school does stand true to a specific curriculum but that does not mean it does not make room for extracurricular activities. These schools focus on academics just as much as they encourage sports and individual development. So while there are classes, there are also excursions and field trips. Boarding school can be excellent for athletic and artistic opportunities if you pick the ideal school with the right curriculum.

Myth 3: Diversity is a rare phenomenon

Rumour has it that boarding school’s belief in the idea of taking the same approach to teaching each student. Also, many individuals hold a belief that the application process is designed in such a manner that only privileged kids from a typical nuclear family gain an opportunity to enrol themselves. In reality, however, boarding schools actually look for diversity. They accept students from a wide variety of backgrounds. They also provide scholarships that help students financially.

Myth 4: Students do not get to see their parents often

The days when students in boarding are no longer allowed to get in touch with their parents are long gone. The modern boarding school experience is a lot more fluid. Parents can, in fact, be more involved in their children’s activities and can even communicate with them more freely. This ensures parents can keep in touch with the progress of their child and can show up for the various concerts, sports matches, and plays that are scheduled on a frequent basis.

Myth 5: The spaces students occupy are like prison

This is far from true as it can be. Yes, there is a specific time that is allotted for study and lights do have to be out after a certain time but the doors in the building are locked so that the students are safe and away from harm’s reach. Children are allowed to spend more hours on extracurricular activities like playing basketball, cricket and even swimming. Certain schools also have a separate indoor entertainment space. Students are encouraged to make their dormitories their own with things that make them feel at home. Bullying is also kept under control through the help of stringent rules that the students are made aware of regularly.

You see, boarding schools are far from the extremely strict and suffocating environment they are known for. They are certainly not places where students are closely monitored and are not allowed to do anything fun. They are places where students obtain the vital skills needed to ground their academic learning and life skills that help them transform into effective adults.

Now that a few of the prevailing myths are busted, you can go ahead and uninhibitedly pick from the best international schools in Delhi NCR. All in all, make certain you choose the ideal oneafter thorough research and analysis. Remember, the one that suits you best is the one that addresses all your needs and concerns in the best way possible.


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