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A Quick Insight on Free Methods to Convert Exchange EDB files to PST file

convert Exchange EDB files to PST

Each mailbox in an Exchange EDB file has a predetermined size, however, several mailboxes can be stored in the same file. Email communication is halted when the inbox reaches its capacity. The PST file, which is available in Outlook via the Exchange account, can be used to free up some EDB storage space. Exchange gives some free techniques to convert Exchange EDB files to PST for ease of operation.

When an EDB to PST conversion is required, it isn’t just for the sake of freeing up mailbox capacity. There are a variety of other factors to consider. Backup, large database files, legal compliance, reduced mailbox size, and safeguarding Exchange against a server crash are some of the most essential reasons for implementing a backup strategy.

Convert Exchange EDB files to PST file using free Methods

You can use one of three free EDB to PST ways depending on the version of Exchange Server that you have installed.  When it comes to EDB to PST export, we have three options to choose from.

  1. Use the Ex-Merge Utility to Export
  2. Through the Exchange Administration Centre
  3. Export with the Exchange PowerShell (Exchange Management Shell) commands.

There are, however, a few caveats to each of these free solutions. As a result, the users must be patient and educated about the risks before implementing these solutions.  As a precautionary step, it is advisable to have a full backup of the EDB file before attempting any of the following free processes.

Ex-Merge Utility can be used to export data.

This is free software from Microsoft that exports and imports EDB mailboxes and PST mailboxes to and from the EDB file. Exchange mailboxes that are exported must have complete export rights.


  • Open the Ex-Merge program that you’ve downloaded and installed. To begin the process of merging your Microsoft Exchange mailboxes, click on the Next button.
  • Select the second radio button of “Two-step procedure” under Procedure Selection and click on Next.
  • To begin, pick the first item from the provided list. Click on Next after you’ve extracted the data from the Exchange Server Mailbox.
  • Specify your Exchange Server credentials in the Source Server window and then click Next to proceed further.
  • Select the Archive data to target store option on the Import Procedure tab of the Data Selection Criteria.
  • Select OK from the context menu.
  • Export EDB mailboxes from the next window by clicking on the Next button.
  • Afterward, in the Target Directory area, provide the system location of the PST file’s final location. To begin the process of exporting, click on the “Next” button.
  • In the export process, you can monitor its progress. Once it’s done, click Finish to close the application.

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Use the Exchange Admin Centre to export data.

There is an alternative method for exporting EDB mailboxes from the latest Exchange Server versions to PST. EDB mailboxes can be exported from the Exchange Admin Centre using a shared folder and the appropriate export permissions. Once you’ve done that, add the mailbox import and export role to each mailbox.


  • After entering the Exchange Admin Centre, navigate to the permissions category and select the admin roles in the option from the list.
  • Select Recipient Management from the list of admin roles and click the “Add” button.
  • When you’re in the Role Group wizard, click Add, then select the Mailbox Import Export role, and then click “Add”.
  • Click on “mailbox,” then “more with three dots” in the “recipients” section. Exported PST files can be imported into Outlook.
  • The mailboxes you want to export can be selected. Later, save the PST file in a shared folder.
  • After creating the PST file, select the mailbox that will receive the email.


Thus, we have discussed the free methods for converting EDB mailboxes to PST file format or exporting Exchange database content to a PST file for backup or other purposes. You can also utilize these methods to convert Exchange EDB files to PST files. By the way, the example is Regain EDB to PST converter tool. The software full fill all kinds of user requirements related to recovery or conversion of email data.

Some features of EDB to PST Converter Tool

  • The software can convert EDB to PST file
  • It can convert multiple EDB file to Outlook PST file
  • The software have free trial version for 30 days
  • The best features of this software user can save all converted data in multiple file format like EML, HTML, TXT, and Office 365.
  • Supple all kind of MS outlook and MS windows versions
  • No any file size limit to convert EDB to PST file
  • The software works fast in compare of others company software.

It also works on Live exchange server ( recover data from live exchange server)

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