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Different Yoga Poses & How Can Benefit Us?

Best Yoga Style

Yoga is the refreshing & stress-relieving form of exercise, in which people release their diseases & stress out from their body. Yoga is the best form of exercise & you can start with different yoga poses, with which people get huge benefits. People inhale the best positive vibes to their body and exhale the bad & negative vibes. But there are different types of yoga styles, people choose as per their body requires and could handle.
Following are the different yoga poses with their benefits

Surya Namaskar

surya namaskar

Surya+Namaskar, that means to greet the sun in the morning as it also knows as Surya Salutation. Surya Namaskar Yoga is grouped with 12 yoga postures that represent mantras for 12 zodiac signs.

Surya Namaskar Yoga Poses helps to keep your body flexible & also good for weight loss, skin care, etc. It is quick beneficial for the people who are suffering from a high blood pressure problem. Surya Namaskar Yoga enriches you with full of energy with strong bones health.


Hatha is style of yoga, where you learn the basic postures of yoga. It’s a great start when you are learning from the beginning, and set your body for the further yoga exercise.


Kripalu Yoga styling is focused on self-empowerment in a three-part of division for practice. It is natural and easy to adapt, make it is your routine and in results, you’ll find it to teach you the self-exposure.


This yoga style is very friendly for beginners to learn the yoga. It’s a centralized the postures of a sun salutation with inhaling & exhale the breath matched with the postures. 12 poses are involved to cover this style of yoga, which creates the connection between posture movement & breadth inhale & exhale. You need to keep in mind when to inhale or exhale while the movement for better results.


This yoga style is an ancient yoga, which is very specific to it’s posture. Breadth while movement plays a very important role, precise your practice & nonstop. Breathing does related to every posture, & you need to keep in mind to balance your inhaling & exhaling while stretching & enhancing your body flexibility.


Bikram yoga is a set of 26 stretching posture, where you need to do this stretches within 90-100 degrees of heated room temperature. It is quite a challenging Bikram yoga style, which releases your sweat. Heat syndrome in body flexibility & detoxification.

Power Yoga

Power Yoga does have a tough posture, which help you to burn fat & calories from your body. It works out from every muscle of your body & balances your metabolism. People, who willing to burn their fat, they used to go with this yoga style get the perfect body shape.


This yoga style is for would-be moms, & this practice of posture increases your strength, to bear the pregnancy pain. You learn the breathing technique while doing this practice. This yoga style is safe & secure for would-be mothers or expecting women.


Kundalini yoga connects you with spirituality & philosophical aspect as well as enhance your mind with body awareness. And also Kundalini practice keeps you connected with the ground while doing meditation & breathing techniques.


This yoga practice is a fussy style that mainly focused to correct the posture alignment. Posture pace is slow & stay longer; you need to keep patience while doing this practice.


Practice of this yoga makes you feel relaxed. You get relaxed or restful while dong Restorative practice more then you get on sleep or nap.

All type of yoga practice has different methods & methods. But we need to keep in mind that yoga posture and trick to do must be correct in sequence. Only then it helps you out and gives you a better result. We recommend you to every posture under the observation & guidance.
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