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Emotions after cosmetic surgery and tips for recovery:

Cosmetic Surgery

 It is very common to feel emotional after having cosmetic surgery.There are sure enthusiastic impacts, no doubt, however, the vast majority will in general disregard the conceivable mental repercussions of experiencing significant medical procedures to improve one’s looks. The wonder of post-operation sorrow is genuine, yet its belongings can be limited if patients are set up for the possibility.

According to top dermatologist in islamabad 85 percent of people are satisfied with their surgery but the remaining percentage may cause after-effects which boost your emotion in many ways.People need to learn and understand the common feelings after having surgery.

Factors that include any kind of  surgical depression:

  • Irritation and restlessness
  • Symptoms of the medical procedure
  • A failure to return to ordinary life and exercises 
  • Expecting to rely upon others for help 
  • Absence of help from family or companions after medical procedure
  • Eating less or more 

Common phases of having cosmetic surgery and how to overcome:

Depression discomfort and changing in moods and routine:

  • Slow moment and less talk
  • Sleep disorders
  • Fatigue
  • Combination of anxiety and stress
  • Suicidal thoughts
  • Increase the time of recovery and having more illness
  • Laziness 
  • Taking less interest in activities

How to overcome:

  • Remove uncertainty 
  • Consult with doctor
  • Do regular exercise to calm yourself before exercise
  • Ask yourself why you want that procedure?

Fear of surgery:

  • Society fear (before and after changing of your feature)
  • Mood swing cause problem with others
  • Feel down and scary with the stitches

How to overcome:

  • Think positive and be patient!
  • Remember this is temporary
  • Busy yourself with some activities like reading your favorite books, listen to songs, watch movies.
  • Trust your loved one that they are with you and happy with your decision.

Fear of facing criticism:

  • Fear of friends and family criticism
  • redness and the process of being discolored 
  • treated area may look bad at first 

how to overcome:

  • give time to your treated area before judgment 
  • having trust to your consultant 
  • stick with your surgical decision 

Comfort, happiness and relaxation:

  • follow your surgical procedure so you may get the best result
  • feeling happy and relax with your surgery  and now it’s time to face everyone
  • become more confident now

Why cosmetic surgery is important for you:

Cosmetic surgery have importance now a day life as people love to look beautiful. Some wants to look attractive and young while others wants to enhance their features. This decision is totally personal.

The females model you saw on tv looks very attractive and charming there is a secret behind them. Nowadays Models treat cosmetic surgery which makes them young and beautiful. Not only females deal with cosmetic surgery now men did all kind of cosmetic treatment. Technology makes cosmetic surgery easy and less expensive. Now, this treatment is very easy for you. You can find a lot of cosmetic surgeons in your area with high specialization. You will feel young and attractive. The audience only likes those people who have the sense to maintain his/her physical appearance. Cosmetic surgeon has the ability to change or treat every part of your body that you not likes. The cosmetic surgeon only can change the appearance of your body not eliminate your problems which are effecting before surgery.
Lexina “It changed my life a lot. As soon as I could my nose was the one i desperately wanted to change. Hated it since I was probably 10 years old. All the laughs and funny comments put me down all the time. I was literally avoiding people and honestly did not have much friends ether”

People only need best knowledge before treatment include:

  • Do well research through GOOGLE or people who already gone through such treatments.
  • Must learn the side effects of surgery.
  • Proper guidance is the most important of all.
  • How much time is needed to recover? 

Best tips to maintain your cosmetic surgery:

  • Proper exercise and healthy diet enhance and maintain your beauty
  • Consult a nutritionist and follow the diet chart 
  • Use the best skin care product and follow the instruction of your cosmetic surgeon 
  • Avoid excessive use of alcohol 
  • Avoid extra sleeping(sleep for 8 hours only)
  • Listen to nice music and stay away from negativity which turns into depression


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