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Find Your Next Kershaw Hunting Knife At White Mountain Knives

Kershaw Hunting Knife

From metallurgical advances enabling differential hardnesses to assisted opening and locking technology, Kershaw has been producing and continues to produce knives that are reliable, sturdy and ergonomic. So naturally, when you find yourself in a situation in which you need a new hunting knife, a Kershaw Hunting Knife definitely comes to mind as a top of the line option.

As much as Kershaw has really positioned itself to capitalize on the market for EDC and utility, they offer some really excellent blades for use as a hunting knife. Pairing comfort-enhancing ergonomic features with a simple and effective blade profile, the Kershaw Blur with a camo handle is a great option for a Kershaw hunting knife whether it’s your main blade or a backup. Not much can beat the strength of a drop point, especially if you’ll be using the knife to separate joints, and the slightly recurved belly of the knife just shows off excellent design planning. As anyone who’s ever skinned something can attest, a knife seems to slip too deep or just lose its hold on the hide. A slightly recurved belly helps keep the skin right on the edge of the blade. Beyond its design, its Sandvik 12C28N blade will impress you with the amount of time it can go between resharpenings, and its aluminum handle with Trac-Tec inserts is both light and strong.

But this is far from the only option that Kershaw offers in terms of hunting knives. The Kershaw Clash is another excellent Kershaw hunting knife. Though it may not have been designed expressly for use in the field, its design and features will suit sportsmen admirably, whether as a primary blade or a backup pocket knife. The blade profile is somewhat similar to the Blur, almost recurved in the belly and with plenty of straight edge for skinning, filleting, and boning if necessary. The drop point is equally sturdy in this model as the former, and the black injection polyimide handle deserves praise all of its own. It will not absorb moisture, is light and is nearly indestructible. It also features a deep choil for that extra control you might need when your hands are wet or cold. This model can also be found with a partially serrated blade for those hunters who prefer the extra utility of teeth to get through joints and tough sinew.

Another great selection in a Kershaw hunting knife is the Volt II. This is another knife with a sturdy polyimide handle to make the most of the durability of synthetics and this knife features plenty of jimping at the base of the spine for extra grip and control. Whether you need it for skinning or quartering, it won’t flag or let you down.

The Kershaw CQC-10K is another great Kershaw for use as a hunting knife. With a slightly swept edge and a clip point that could almost be said to trail a little, this knife has the graceful lines of a skinner and the heft of a small camp knife. Whether you’re breaking down large game or skinning rabbits, this knife has the edge, the point, and the spine to get the job done.

So where can you find all of these knives and still more options for a Kershaw hunting knife? At White Mountain Knives, where you’ll not only have access to one of the widest selections of knives on the internet but where shipping is free. It doesn’t get too much better than that, so when you find yourself shopping for a new (or just another) hunting knife, visit WhiteMountainKnives.com.

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