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Five Great Digital Drawing TDigital Drawing Toolsools For Artists


How many times while scrolling through the internet do you stumble upon a piece of art that sways your emotions and makes you feel something? Art is all around us; especially over the internet, you can find many original pieces of art regularly.

The face of mainstream art is represented by digital illustrations today; it is a non-traditional means of creating art and using digital tools and platforms. Many artists create drawings and sketches using drawing tablets and computers; most of them scan artwork they create manually and edit them using Photoshop and other tools. Even the top children’s book illustrators are using digital devices and tools for creating their art.

Now with the increasing demand in the world of illustration design, the use of digital tools is also increasing. The modern tools most commonly used for creating art, some of which are mentioned below, are appreciated and endorsed by professional artists and hobbyists.

  1. Adobe Photoshop CC:

The most popular photo editing software that tops the list is none other than Adobe Photoshop cc. It provides its user’s tools for photo editing and enhancing, and that is what it is best known for. However, this software also provides its users with tools for painting. You can get access to Adobe Sketch using your laptop, mobile devices or desktop and start drawing.

This software is the standard solution for most digital art problems; it provides you with a wide range of brushes and color features; however, it is not ideal for making logos.

Furthermore, using the Adobe creative cloud suite, you can easily share and access your data, including brushes, colors, and styles that you customized.

  1. Inkscape

Inkscape is a great tool you can use for making vector drawings.  It is an open source design software, pictures that you make using Inkscape can be exported to different formats, and the software can be used on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The only problem that you might come across while working on this software is that some of the tools available for use are displayed on both sides of the screen. Furthermore, there are no quick guides available for those who are using this software for the first time. Therefore learning how to work using this software might take some time. This software is similar to adobe illustrator, and you can create 3D shapes, graphics and save in any file format that you like.

  1. Autodesk Sketchbook:

Autodesk is an excellent tool that illustrators and artists must have. This software is specially designed for mobile devices like tablets, but it can be used in desktop and laptops. It provides its users with over a hundred brushes and eighteen different blending modes. It provides you with a wide range of features and tools to choose from; it comes with a comprehensive guide for people who do not know how to use the software. It allows you to work on multiple layers, and it has a lack of trappings that enables artists to work at a reasonable pace.

  1. PaintTool SAI:

It is an ideal tool for painting illustrations and anime art. It provides you with tools, which are easy to use. It embeds advanced features and functionalities with a simple layout, and it is an excellent tool for beginners. The coloring features this tool provides are outstanding and allows you to decide just how colorful a drawing are you looking to make. There are a few setbacks, which come with using this tool and one of these is that it is only compatible with windows and it does not work for Mac. Furthermore, it is not free to use. People usually get a thirty-one-day trial package for using this tool.

  1. Adobe Illustrator

One of the most used and appreciated software packages that are provided to users in the adobe creative suite is Adobe Illustrator. This software allows its users to make vector based drawings illustrations and art.it is used as a professional tool for graphic designing.

It is perfect for making scalable logos and line art, flat images, and infographics. As vectors are saleable images, they can be sized according to your drawing needs.

The way this software works overdrawing tabs and mobile devices is impressive. It is pressure sensitive, so that gives artist more liberty and control over the art that they are drawing. it also allows you to make customized brushes and tools


Two of the tools mentioned here are perfect for beginners, and every device in this list works for advanced users. For drawing in two and three dimensions along with vector-based drawings. For people looking for useful drawing tools, these are the best mentions to look into.


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