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Galaxy Watch 4 Reviews and Features

Galaxy Watch 4 Reviews

A premium, classic Smartwatch – Galaxy Watch 4 Reviews. After achieving massive success from Galaxy Watch Active 2 and Watch 3, Samsung has now spilled another gem from its treasure – SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH 4.

This time Samsung jointly with Google has built Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 and it is having the latest WearOS 3 version. It has many exciting and crafty features that even the Apple watch series 6 and Fitbit Sense don’t offer.

The new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has come up with a big Rounded Rotating Digital Bezel with 44.4 x 43.3 x 9.8 mm dimension and is Super AMOLED display which gives the user a classy feel. The watch is protected with a Gorilla Glass DX+ and Aluminium frame as well as is water & dust resistant.

Home Key & Back Key
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The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is having two keys on the right side – Home Key & Back Key. These two keys operate all the functioning and working of the smartwatch.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is found to be in two sizes –

  • 40mm with display size of 1.2 along with 396 x 396-pixel resolution and 25.9g weight.
  • 44mm with display size of 1.4 along with 450 x 450-pixel resolution and 30.3g weight.

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Features of Galaxy Watch 4

The watch fits perfectly in the wrists and can be worn all day. The look of the watch resembles the traditional timepiece. But what about software and updated features?

Features of Galaxy Watch 4
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Amazing Software and Updated Features with Galaxy Watch4 Reviews are the things that mainly fascinate users.

So, let us see what’s new in Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4.

This time Samsung is no more using its own homemade Tizen OS but mostly u latest WearOS 3 version. But still, when we look at the new Watch 4 it reminds us of old TizenOS. Apparently, Old Tizen OS was not allowed third-party app but the new WearOS do.

With WearOS, the user has access to a wide collection of apps on the Google Play store. Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 supports the installation of all popular apps such as Google Maps, Spotify, AccuWeather, Google Pay, and many more. Yes, you read it absolutely right. Now users can use Google maps to find their endless routes and ways, use YouTube to hear music, and for instance, Google Gboard is also there!

Woefully, we are still stuck with HII BIXBY! We as the user have to wait a little more to roar OK GOOGLE! at our Samsung smartwatch. But… don’t underestimate our Bixby. We only need to say, “Hi Bixby” to launch a specific app, manage Samsung payments, turn on the flashlight, check the weather, set reminders, and more.  

Another feature that I got attracted to is the option of Gestures and screenshots. Yes….the new Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 permits the user to answer the call or reject the call by just the movement of one’s hand and by pressing the home & back button at the same time we can capture snapshots that get saved automatically to our connected smartphone.

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Isn’t it Crazy! Again, what Samsung would like to say about Health Features? This is one of the most alluring parts of Samsung Smart Watches and the biggest side of Galaxy Watch 4 Reviews.

For that, Samsung is giving tough competition to Apple Smartwatches in its approach to fill maximum health sensors and features on the Watch 4. It has all the necessary features such as ECG, blood pressure monitoring, SpO2, sleep tracking, irregular heart rate detection, female health tracking, stress monitoring, etc. But here, the trap is, ECG and Blood pressure Monitoring are only working in some regions of India. Even if these Features of Galaxy Watch 4 come all over India at a later day, the results will only be suggestive and you will still need to consult a doctor.

Moreover, The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is offering a new BioActive sensor (BIA) for measuring body composition. For that, if you don’t know what body composition is, then, body composition is the percentage of fat, muscle, and other body tissues that make up a human’s weight.

new BioActive sensor
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So, for measuring all you need to do is place your ring and middle finger on the two physical buttons and in seconds, you get details on body fat, skeletal muscle, fat mass, fat of the body, Body Mass Index (BMI), amount of water in the body, and Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR). And all the measured data can be viewed on Samsung Health App.

 Samsung also claims that this sensor is more accurate than other methods to measure body composition. Everything is OK, but what about the most crucial performance


Accordingly, The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 has a very decent battery life depending upon one’s usage. It is 18 hours for heavy usage and 40 hours for usual usage i.e., a day and a half.

Also, the rated(minimum) capacity is 361mAh for Galaxy Watch4 44mm & 247mAh for Galaxy Watch4 40mmwith Qi wireless charging.

Galaxy Watch4 Reviews-

Thereupon, I personally am really impressed by Samsung Galaxy Watch 4. It has a very classy look and sleek design. And most importantly it is having all the latest required features, which is also closer to the most wanted Apple Watch. Also, the rotating bezel and all the health and fitness features you get with it are unavoidable.

Look, if you own the Smartphones and are looking to buy a premium smartwatch, the Galaxy Watch 4 is the best option right now.

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