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Pakistan is a huge marketplace that offers ample opportunities to custom clearing agents, who in turn depend on their livelihood on clearing and forwarding business. However, as the trade activities surged over the years, the number of agents offering their services swelled as well. Today, over 4,000 registered agents operate and offer their services to potential clients, in need of a solution. The service charges over the years have gone low to remain in the competition. However, that, in turn, lowers the profit margin per client.

In order to cope with such difficulties, clearing agents have no choice, but to acquire a greater number of clients to earn a sufficient living. Considering the current economic situation, that is perhaps the best course of action. However, acquiring more clients increases the burden of the work, which often results in inefficiency in carrying out the tasks required. In such cases, not only does a clearing agent disappoint the client but also forbid them from ever returning.

Of course, as an agent, keeping operational costs lower is imperative to reap at least some profits from transactions, which eliminates the desire to hire extra help to keep the clients, updated about their shipments. Well, in that case, you are only left with two options; continue the same working methodology and risk losing long-term clients, or invest in a customs clearing software that will help you gain control over your business.

With customs clearing software solution such as Frago, you can record all your transactions digitally under one roof. You no longer need to maintain physical files, which are inefficient in tracking as well as occupy a lot of storage space. With a customs software such as Frago, you can monitor your clients’ shipments, keep them updated, and keep a record of your cash flow, without ever hiring extra help. If you are still operating without software, get one as soon as you can.


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