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How a long-term resident in South Australia can get extra benefits

resident in South Australia

South Australia is an Australia state situated in the central-southern part of the country. Most of the land covered by this barren. South Australia’s total population is 1.7 million that puts it on the 5th rank in the list of Australia states population density wise. Most of its population is centralized in its capital city, the city of Adelaide. There are many pluses of living in South Australia. Its big cities are packed with all the facilities and modern amenities of life. Some of them are listed below:

  • It has a very sound health care program. There are many hospitals and medical centers present throughout the state and residents can access it whenever required.
  • Education is also a very developed department in South Australia. Many renowned educational institutions in the state include three public universities. Its capital city Adelaide is also referred to as the educational hub of the country. The universities in South Australia also offer many degrees and courses to international students. Studying in South Australia also earn students special benefits e.g. an international student who has completed a degree or course from an institute in South Australia can get a year extra in temporary graduate visa subclass.
  • South Australia also has a beautiful environment and modern infrastructure. Its big cities are different from the typical cities as they have a very relaxed environment where one can find time for him or herself after work or educational activities.

These were some points that show how life in South Australia is packed with all modern-day facilities but still has a beautiful regional touch to it.

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South Australia as a regional area

According to the new classification of regional Australia, all the parts of the state of South Australia comes under the regional banner. This is providing many chances for South Australia to grow as the Australian government is working hard on the progress of its regional areas. It is also expected that many development programs will start in South Australia that will produce good employment opportunities there. This is attracting many international students and skilled people from all around the globe to come to South Australia and avail of these facilities.

Long-term residents of South Australia

The state of South Australia is offering nomination for regional visa subclass 491 to those people who are living in South Australia for a long time.

  • The applicant for this program should satisfy the following conditions
  • The applicant should be an international student currently enrolled in a course or should have completed an eligible course from South Australia.
  • Must have lived in South Australia for all this time. A minimum period of living in South Australia should be 7 years.
  • should also have the intention of continuing living in South Australia  
  • The applicant should be working in South Australia irrespective of the occupation.
  • evidence of living in South Australia for at least the past 7 years should be provided
  • The applicant should satisfy all health and character requirements.
  • A student must have completed an eligible course in south Australia consisting to 46 weeks of CRICOS at minimum
  • If an international student is currently enrolled in an educational program then it should have a duration of 46 weeks of CRICOS at least

These were the conditions that should be fulfilled for getting SA sate nomination if you are a long-term resident in SA.

This program is providing good opportunities for international students living in South Australia and wishes to live there for long. If you have any queries and questions about this program, you can contact our migration agent working at The Migration anytime you like.


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