Home Health How is carrot useful for eyes?

How is carrot useful for eyes?

How is carrot useful for eyes

People believe that vision problem is an outcome of aging or else eye stain, but one more reason for weak eyesight is an unhealthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle can surely reduce the risk of eye health problems. Many things are recommended by experts for eye health. There are many nutrient-rich foods that can recover the weak eyesight or else any kind of eye health problem. And one of them are carrots. Carrots are also rich in fiber and potassium and are very low in calories, so it also assists in weight loss which is a need today. Let us know how carrot is useful for eyes.

Carrot – best for eye health

Carrots are best for eye health as they have vitamin A and beta carotene in it. Both these nutrients help the base of the eye and successfully prevent eye infections and other serious eye conditions. They are one of those vegetables that are easy to consume in all forms. You can eat a plate of carrot as a salad or an evening snack. You can also drink carrot juice or else soups. You can also have them by shredding them and adding in pancake batter or muffin. In addition to this you can easily order carrots and any vegetable online at your doorstep using Big Basket Vouchers with great offers.

Lutein and Zeaxanthin

As per many studies, low levels of Lutein and Zeaxanthin leads to macular degeneration which is a disease of eyes that leads to deterioration of retina and which is the main cause of vision loss. Carrots are mainly recommended by the doctors as it is the great source of both of these nutrients. And as per researchers several servings of carrot per day is highly important for eye health as these two compounds protect against the disease and also protect your eyes against free radical damage.

Carrots and eye health – the science behind it

Carrots are one of the best foods for eye health as this root vegetable is rich in beta carotene that helps to nourish the eye. As per experts, there are certain conditions that can actually be cured by consuming carrots on a daily basis. Carrot has beta carotene, and your body uses this to make Vitamin A. Vitamin A presets the formation of macular degeneration and cataracts. Vitamin A deficiency leads to a very serious eye condition known as xerophthalmia in which a person suffering from this cannot produce tears and cause dryness in eyes. Extreme lack of Vitamin A can also cause blindness. Lack of Vitamin A is most susceptible to serve nearsightedness or myopia.

Nutrients in carrot

Carrot comprises three kinds of nutrients that are mainly linked with improving eye health. They are:

  • Beta Carotene

Carrots are the rich source of Beta carotene also and which is very helpful for eye health.  It is actually the primary source of provitamin a diet and boosts vitamin A level in human body. Vitamin A is very essential for eye health and good vision, and so carrots are recommended to protect age-related macular degeneration and other eye problems.

Benefits of carrot

Carrots not only benefit eye health but contribute to the overall body. Eating carrots on a regular basis gives many benefits. Some of them are listed below

Health benefits

Not only eye care but carrots offer many more health benefits too. Let us tell you:

  • Prevent cancer

Consumption of carrots can prevent cancer specifically lung cancer as well as colon cancer,

  • Boost immune system

Carrot intake is beneficial in boosting the immune system as it has a variety of nutrients as well as antioxidants in it.

  • Dental health

Dental health is the primary benefit that carrots offer and also scrape off plaque and food particles even.

  • Best in pregnancy

Carrots are best for pregnant ladies as it offers nutrients for proper fetus development. In addition to this, you can also buy some healthy foods which are beneficial in pregnancy by using Grofers Offers.

Skin benefits

There are many benefits of carrot to your skin owing to the abundant amount of Vitamin A in it.  Carrots protect against many skin problems and also assist in maintaining skin health:

  • Glowing skin

Consuming carrots regularly will keep your skin healthy and vibrant as they are filled with Vitamin C.

  • Blemishes and scars treatment

Carrots are very useful in getting rid of scars and blemishes. You can also apply carrot pulp on the affected area.

  • Anti-aging benefits

Carrots aid collagen production and maintain skin elasticity. It also helps wrinkles and aging.

  • Natural sun protection

Carrots offer natural sun protection to the skin and are skin-friendly nutrients and help to repair skin tissues.

  • Healing qualities

Carrots have amazing healing qualities as you can apply it on wounds, inflammation, and cuts.

Carrots are excellent for eyes owing to the presence of beta carotene which converts into Vitamin A and which is best for the retina. So keep on munching on carrots as it will provide you with many benefits and will help you to take care of your eye health.

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