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How to Create the Best Room Redesign with Small Bedroom Dresser Chests?


When you’re working on a design that involves a client’s wardrobe, among the many things for you to consider is how best to keep the space organized and looking stylish and beautiful.

So just how and where do you start?

Well, you should begin your assignment by selecting from the collection of exquisite dressers and chests that are available at Worlds-Away.com. These stylish and sophisticated storage solutions are perfect when placed for organizational purposes in spacious closets and they can easily be added to an existing bedroom design.

Our cabinets, dressers, and chests feature drawers, doors, and shelving, so you’ll have plenty of space-saving storage options to choose from, which is a must when it comes to a bedroom remodel or smart closet redesign.

You see, we know that the modern closet is more than just a closet; it’s become another room in the home, and that’s why a Worlds Away Small Bedroom Dresser Chest is what you need to furnish it.

Many of your clients have likely realized, too, that their own closet needs something more, and that’s why they’ve consulted your expertise. As a designer, you know that these spaces no longer have to consist of rows upon rows of clothes on hangers. Instead, closets are now display spaces, showrooms for clothing collections.

In a carefully appointed closet, these cabinets, chests, and dressers provide a place to keep neatly folded sweaters and other articles of clothing. While the surface of these furnishings can be used for jewelry boxes, knick-knacks, and table lamps, the soft subtle glow will give these closets a much more intimate feel.

An organized bedroom closet will make everything simpler for your client, and, if done properly, they will be more likely to come to you for redesigns of the other closets in their home and for any other projects they’ve been considering. That is definitely good for business.

However, you’ve got be ready; you have to find the kind of furniture that they want. Now if your client is into Hollywood Regency, Mid Century Modern, or Industrial Contemporary designs, then we’re the furniture wholesaler that you and they have been looking for. Our selection of upscale, luxe furnishings includes a wide selection of small bedroom dresser chests and so much more in these styles.

We craft our collection of dressers and chests from some of the finest materials, including cerused oak that comes in an array of colors. There is even some small bedroom furniture that is made from stained hardwood, burl wood, and even some made from black and white resin.

Many of these dressers and chests have been finished in white, black or matte lacquer, or gold and silver leaf; this adds a bit of subtle luster and interest to a room. Then, to complete the look of this fine furniture, the dressers and chests come with beautiful acrylic, nickel, antique brass or stainless steel hardware.

We want you to know that these case goods can work in other places besides bedrooms and closets. That’s because many of them feature designs that include media outlets inside. Which means that they’re perfect for neatly storing small appliances like mini fridges in hotel rooms and suites. Yes, they are certainly a stylish option when you’re working on a design and need to conceal electrical cords and cable boxes.

So why not start that closet or bedroom redesign now?

It’s simple. You just need to be searching the Worlds-Away.com collection of small bedroom dresser chests. We have everything you need; so come check out our selection today.


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