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How to Enhance Your Real Estate Web Design?


A realtor website is different from the rest of the pack. It doesn’t require fancy features and animations to attract the visitors but a simple interface which connects the buyers and sellers seamlessly.

The visitor on the real estate website wants quick access to featured listings to explore the property he’s interested to buy.

So, if you make your realtor website similar to the other websites, visitors can get lost in the whims and fancies and detract from the original goal.

It’s important that you include the specific features that a realtor website requires. If you don’t know then let me present here for you.

1 High-Resolution Photos

Instead of snapping the photos from mobiles, use a professional camera to capture the property photos for slideshows and listings. The buyer’s today search online in depth before making the call to the real estate agent so your website should be tailored to their preferences completely. For instance, if your specialty is Toronto Condos for sale then highlight a beguiling condo photo on the homepage to attract the visitors on your site.

2 Visitor Registration

The visitors viewing your website for the latest properties available in their town should be given the option to subscribe to your website. The website should use Analytics to track visitor searches and recommend properties based on their searches.

3 Social Media Integration

Social media is an excellent engagement platform to track leads for your real estate agency. People use Facebook, Instagram to search for the bestselling property so your website should provide access to social media profiles to make the content sharing easy.

4 Search Engine Optimization

Every website is created with the purpose to be found online on a click. But if you don’t optimize according to the search engines, you’ll find a challenge to reach to the potential audience. It is therefore important to optimize the websites for your town, region or name. Imagine if you have the best listing for the Etobicoke condos in a minimal budget but it’s not getting noticed because your website isn’t search engine optimized and lack the marketing it requires.

That’s the power of SEO!

5 Chat Agents

Chat agents on the website make the decision making easy for the visitors. If they’re skeptical about a certain listing, they can immediately pin the agent and ask for help. According to research having chat agents on your website, 24/7 increases online visibility and generate massive revenue for the business.

6 Community Pages

Realtor websites that have community pages make the search easy for the visitors and help them buying what they are looking for. So, when you launch your realtor website, include community pages for each town in the area which have all the MLS listings.

7 Immaculate Listing Description

The listing description on the website is the most important part on which the buying of your property depends. It should be written in a way that the audience shouldn’t remain ambiguous about the property. Define the niche of your property, the price ranges, the dimensions, the best features of the property and all the things that are necessary to make the decision to buy the property.

8 A Blog Pag

A blog page on the website keeps you in the news and increase your business credibility. When you constantly write blogs for your website and educate your readers you become the source of their information and they start trusting you for their good. Therefore, when you create your website make sure you have a platform for blogging. It’s also a good tip to boost your website ranking.


A website is the foundation of the real estate business as your buying and selling depend on it. It’s a great opportunity to sell your property and brings it under customers attention, so try to make the most of it. But remember your website shouldn’t be like the normal ones, it should consider the real estate customers who are investing their time and money to buy the property.

The above tips will help you to create a tailored website for your audience so when you ask your developer to create a website, always keep these small tips in mind.

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