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How to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy:

How to Prepare Your Body for Pregnancy:

hello friends, I am bipasa from Bestforbabies.com, Today buzztowns.com gave me this platform to share my opinion on how to prepare your body pregnancy.

So I’ll be talking to you about preparing for pregnancy, as you prepare for or contemplate pregnancy there are many things to consider one of the most important elements is establishing pre-conceptual and or early prenatal care, in order to ensure the birth of a healthy baby with minimal risk for the mother a discussion with your medical provider, can help determine potential risks for you during pregnancy and ideally decrease or eliminate these risks.

Preparation and Risk Assessment

Optimizing the health of the mother before conception is important for improving pregnancy outcome establishing or maintaining a healthy diet in some form of exercise on a regular basis can improve fertility and pregnancy outcomes

Ideally, before conception, you should address medical problems or conditions with your doctor to potentially alleviate any possible complications remaining up-to-date on immunizations is also important and can decrease other potential complications to a mother and baby

use of tobacco alcohol and illicit drugs is associated with poor pregnancy outcomes it is also important to begin taking folic acid ideally at least one month prior to conception you can check with your provider regarding the proper dosage

a woman over the age of 35 is considered to be advanced maternal age women in this group are at risk of infertility having or developing a chronic medical disease and pregnancy complications such as fetal chromosomal abnormalities congenital anomalies cesarean delivery miscarriage and preterm birth however most women over the age of 35 have uncomplicated healthy pregnancies.

Knowing your family history is important to determine any potential conditions that may pose risk during pregnancy some disorders are genetic and can be inherited examples include metabolic disorders muscular dystrophy and kidney disease.

Ethnicity can also play a part in risk assessment for pregnancy there are medical conditions that tend to be more prevalent in certain ethnic populations examples include Tay-Sachs and Ashkenazi Jews cystic fibrosis and Caucasians and hemoglobinopathies and Mediterraneans Africans and Asian’s.


conception is the act of fertilization resulting in an embryo or developing fetus most pregnancies occur in the first six months of couples attempting to conceive the normal menstrual cycle averages 28 days an ovulation typically occurs around day 14, some women have shorter or longer menstrual cycles and will, therefore, ovulate earlier or later depending on this length there are various methods to monitor ovulation

you can monitor your body temperature or certain symptoms that may indicate ovulation is soon to occur additionally blood work evaluating hormonal changes or ultrasonography looking for certain features can be used to determine the presence of ovulation

During a typical menstrual cycle, the Fertile interval is approximately six days during which conception is most likely to take place this time frame includes the five days before ovulation

in the day of ovulation itself infertility is defined as a failure to conceive after 12 months for women less than 35 years and six months for women over 35 years there are many causes of infertility some simple and some more complex if you are having difficulty conceiving you should discuss this with your medical provider

Pregnancy’s impact on the body

Once conception has occurred pregnancy begins to produce its changes on the body affecting most organ systems by the end of pregnancy changes in the respiratory system cause shortness of breath cardiovascular system

changes affect blood pressure gastrointestinal system changes cause constipation and indigestion and changes in the musculoskeletal system cause lower back pain most women will experience the majority of these common symptoms at some point during the pregnancy

During early pregnancy even before you may realize you were pregnant you may experience symptoms such as amenorrhea or the lack of menses nausea with or without vomiting breast enlargement or tenderness increased frequency of urination and or fatigue these symptoms illustrate the variety of changes pregnancy produces on the body even at a very early stage.

Nutrition and Weight Gain

During pregnancy adequate and proper nutrition is essential generally you should aim to increase your caloric intake by around three to five hundred calories per day additionally, certain vitamins and minerals are important including folic acid iron calcium and vitamin D taking a daily prenatal vitamin and eating a well-rounded diet can help with proper nutrition during pregnancy.

mild to moderate exercise is also important during pregnancy and encouraged if already exercising regularly you should continue to check with your provider regarding safe exercise in pregnancy weight gain during pregnancy is variable and depends on your pre-pregnancy weight for normal-weight individuals

an average of twenty-five to thirty-five pounds should be gained if a woman is underweight she should aim to gain more and if overweight she should gain less a woman at the upper or lower extremes of weight gain during pregnancy is at increased risk of pregnancy complications


As you prepare for pregnancy, it is crucial for you to address all medical problems and potential risks with your medical provider prior to conception if possible seek evaluation by medical provider if difficulty achieving pregnancy and establish and maintain a healthy lifestyle and aim for appropriate weight gain in pregnancy is unique experience for every woman and couple individualizing care with your medical provider is recommended.

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