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Impact of Green Building Initiative Program

Green Building Initiative Program

Sustainable construction is now becoming a way of life, with an increasing number of nations opting for it and turning their big cities and organization into solar panel hub, incorporating vertical or rooftop gardens on Green Building Initiative Program. And that’s not it; many organizations are transforming their existing building to a greener structure, seeking the help of green design professionals who have earned certifications of green globes professionals by reputed institutions. 

We all know what green buildings are and how incorporating sustainable habits, no matter how big or small can significantly contribute to a greener and healthier environment. The gravity of impact, considering not all green building approaches and the subsequent results are apparent, can not be put into numbers. But the effect on the surrounding is too extensive not to be discussed. 

In today’s post, we are going to discuss the profound impact that the green building construction has had on our existence and environment:

While we are all well aware of the fundamental goal of green building construction, which is sustainable development, the long term objective goes beyond that. It aims at minimizing and gradually eliminating the use of such resources which trigger a butterfly effect, by further damaging the wildlife and distorting the balance of the ecosystem. To not disrupt how the ecological system functions, the green building initiative is to promote building and rebuilding of commercial and residential structures that have minimal to zero adverse impact on the environment.  

Social Impact:

While we would have started from the environmental and economic benefits, we thought it would be better if before proceeding towards that, we discuss how our well-being benefits from going green.. Organizations across the countries that have adopted green building and have well ventilated, green premise have seen a significant rise in the productivity  of the employees at large. The high ventilation rates and improves air quality with a lower concentration of CO2 and other harmful pollutants helps employees better focus on their work and enhancing their performance. 

Conservation of Resources:

Structures, be it a residential or commercial, account for significant energy consumption, utilized in heating, cooling and surging the electricity throughout the building. But green building programs that are backed by green globes certification process have recorded an immense saving in resource utilization. That’s not all, green building construction also promotes minimum wastage of water, as the meticulous design helps in diverting and usage of slightly used water for landscaping. 

Economic Impact:

Resource and energy conservation ultimately leads to massive cost savings as not only will the occupants living and utility cost decrease, but the property’s resale value will be exponentially higher when compared with the traditional construction technique. 

Going green is not a fad that will change, and while the initial financing might be a bit expensive, its long term benefits are undoubtedly worth investing in. No one but we are responsible for improving the quality of our environment and make it a more healthier place not just for us but for our coming generations to peacefully breathe in. 

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