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Is Squeezed Fresh Orange Juice Good for You?

Fresh Orange Juice

Why do you wanna drink Orange juice? Is it good for your health? I know, you have such questions on your mind. When I research, I find out lots of surprising things!! Orange juice contains hidden sugar. May you ask me, what about vitamin C?

Oh…the truth is yes! It has some Vitamin C. But Orange juice are full of sugar. When you drink a single 12-ounce glass of orange juice it contains a minimum 9 tablespoon sugar!! I know the truth is shocking. I also shocked when I found out this truth. Sugar is our common enemy. Hence we also need vitamin C.

This is also the truth that Orange juice has some health benefits. But there has some measurements to drink it. You can’t drink too much orange juice only for Vitamin C!! But if you take one portion or two portions of orange then it’s absolutely fine. This brings all of the benefits for your health.

How Squeezed Fresh Orange Juice Good for You?

Let’s discuss 5 Awesome Health Benefits of Orange Juice:
It contains Important Rich Nutrients:

Orange juice contains high nutrients. It also contains Vitamin C, calories, and protein. If you drink a 440ml glass of orange juice, it will contain 4-gram protein, 52-gram carbs, Calories 220, Vitamin C 80%, Folate 30% of the RDI, Potassium 20% of the RDI, Magnesium 12% of the RDI. If you are looking for vitamin C then Orange juice is the best option for you. For rare alternate, you can try vape juices

Orange juice Boost the Immune System:

Study shows us orange juice are full of vitamin C. Vitamin C also called ascorbic acid and this ascorbic acid destroy free radicals before they can damage our health.

Vitamin C helps to improve the immune system. Because orange juice will help you to repair the cells of your body and helps to grow new tissue. So if you looking for a healthy immune system and don’t wanna miss any fun of your life you should drink orange juice.

Its remedy of Cancer:

Orange juice contains Vitamin C and vitamin C contains antioxidant. Research proves that antioxidant is a cure for cancer. It does not only contain antioxidant but also antioxidant hesperidin, which reduces the tumor. Orange juice is good for colon cancer.

Good for heart health:

Do you know 17 millions of people die every year only for heart disease? So, heart disease is a major problem nowadays.
Orange juice is good for high blood pressure.

If you drink it your blood pressure will be under control. Isn’t it great?
Study shows us orange juice increase the HDL cholesterol high level. Which helps to improve the heart condition. It also increases blood circulation.

May Balances Cholesterol Level:

If you have a high cholesterol level, then there have good chances of cardiovascular diseases. So you need to control the cholesterol level. Orange juice helps you to reduce the cholesterol level. Because orange juice reduces the bad cholesterol from the body and increases the good cholesterol.

Do you know the benefits of juicing once a day? Just visit the Kitchenvarieties.com blog section. There are plenty of things that I can’t tell you in a moment.

However, Orange juice has both, advantages and disadvantages. If you drink it too much it’s not good for your health. So, drink orange juice with moderate quantities.


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