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Is It Worth To Pursue A Career In Automotive?


No wonder, it is difficult to decide whether a career option is worth to pursue or not. Choosing a career that can match the skill sets and generate good revenue is essential.

Navigating through various employment options is really an uphill struggle. Obviously, one wouldn’t want to end up with a degree that does not hold much value. A person aspiring for a steady career has to go through several dilemmatic situations.

If you are about to start a career and have an interest in automobiles, there is a good news for you! This is so because automotive industry encompasses a surplus of job roles for the newbies.

From fleet managers, automotive sales person to breakdown engineers and car mechanics – there is a lot of employment opportunities that match with the aspirants’ skill sets. If you still are dubious about your career option, then automotive field is the best place to start.

Automotive industry – a deeper insight

An automotive industry consists of an array of related job roles. The employment scope in this business is increasing rapidly. Statistics state that India ranks fourth worldwide to have a rapidly growing automotive trade and is expected to step up to third position in the coming years. This fact makes it evident that this industry will not witness downfall in the upcoming years.

Find a suitable job role

Jobs in this business are usually misinterpreted with only mechanical tasks, but that’s not true. The automotive industry has job roles involving technical, managerial, sales, designing, analytical, and manufacturing profiles.  Hence, there is a wide variety of automotive mechanic training programmes that can be undertaken to get detailed know-how of the motoring trade.

As already mentioned, the automotive industry is not limited only to one kind of job role. It is not necessary for a person to have a background in mechanics or technology, if you are a person from marketing or design, then you can surely head towards this industry.

To know which position is apt for you, list down the skills you own and match them with the requirements that the job role holds.

For instance, if you have a creative mind, you can opt for an automotive mechanic training programme, which will suffice your need to attain an absolute know-how about automobiles design and manufacturing.

On the other hand, if convincing and dealing with people is your thing, then you can opt to join the dynamic yet exciting sales team. Automotive Skills Development Council (ASDC), a government-aided institute, lets you explore all types of courses by providing explicit know-how with the help of diverse training programmes.

Nonetheless, most of the candidates who are keen on learning technicalities go for an automotive mechanic training programme.

Don’t fall for the misconceptions

Apart from rendering a great revenue and ample of job opportunities, the automotive industry is also attacked by certain fallacies. The progressions in automotive industry led to make people misbelieve that this work only relies upon computers, technology, and advanced equipment.

However, recognised people of this industry deny this fact. They believe that it not only involves mental hard work, but a lot of physical strength is also required in dealing with automobiles. Hence, if you are a person who is not indulged in so much of technicalities – this industry is still for you.

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