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Is SEO losing its importance?

SEO losing its importance

SEO is one of the most vital aspects in Digital Marketing.

It is the process of ranking on search engines for search queries by optimizing your website and its content.

Nowadays most people have developed a misconception that SEO is losing its importance.

Well to be honest that’s not at all true.

I will tell you why?

Earlier SEO used to be a lot easy and simple, to rank on the first page of google all you needed was a somewhat average content and some backlinks from any niche.

Back then the number of websites used to be very less, the competition was not so fierce, and the Search ads were not popular.

Eventually, with time the number of websites kept on increasing and Google had to come up with new updates to improve the user experience it provides to all the visitors.

Nowadays the SEO game is totally dependent on the user experience you provide via your website to your visitors. If the users face a somewhat negative experience or gain nothing by visiting your website, you might not rank on the first page as simple as that.

People have started ignoring SEO mainly because of the efforts involved in doing the SEO of any website while one can rank on top using the Search ads.

But what they have totally forgotten is that the Ads will run and give you results only till the time you are pumping money in the ads the moment you stop that you won’t see any performance.

But that’s not the case with SEO, in SEO you put effort and get long term gains through those efforts by generating free organic traffic and leads.

So, my answer to the question of whether SEO is losing its importance will be No.

SEO is not losing its importance but instead, it has evolved with a User-Centric approach.

According to google if a website is user friendly and if the website provides some informative content to the visitors, the website has a greater chance of ranking on the first page when compared to a website whose content is excellent but has no relevance to the user.

So, if you want to rank on search engines you need a good and efficient SEO strategy and that is why SEO is very important even today.

Good Digital marketer has understood the importance of making a user-friendly website and great content that is relevant to the users hence it has become easier for them to rank on google.

But good content doesn’t guarantee returns if your target is inappropriate or the content is not relevant to the visitors.

So, to get positive results you need to have proper and efficient targeting with SEO friendly content which has been curated keeping in mind the intent of the users.

You need to cater to the search intent of your user as well while curating any content as if you curate content without keeping in mind the search intent your efforts go down the trash.

Let’s say a user searches for SEO he might want to know about SEO but if the user searches for SEO services the user is looking for SEO services and does not want to know what SEO is.

Google now has started to focus on the mobile-first approach as they get 75% of the search queries from the mobile platform and if your website is not optimized for the mobile version you potentially lose out on a lot of organic conversions.

Now there are around 30% searches being made from smartphones via voice search hence you need to optimize your website for the voice search as well because voice search is becoming an integral part of the google searches and hence your website should be visible to the potential users who are using voice search.

Another important feature that will rule the SERP’s is the Featured Snippet or the rich snippet.

Now you might wonder what a rich snippet is.

It is basically an opportunity to rank on the first page at the top even if your organic listing is not ranking. It is basically a detailed structured snippet giving the user better information and telling the search engines about the contents on your page in a much better manner.

But in the end, it all narrows down to better user experience as Google wants the websites to provide the visitors the best experience and the user should get something informative from the website, if you are able to do it and also focus on the intent of the user then you can get your website to rank on search engine.

So, if you are interested in learning more about SEO and want to know how it works you can visit the SEO training institutes in Bangalore.


  1. I totally agree with all your points. This is one of the finest articles on SEO. Without a proper SEO strategy, it is difficult to rank a website higher on SERP. Also, both On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO are crucial for any business that wants to do online business and have a website of their own. Thanks for publishing this article and this really helps many.


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