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Is Signal Is better & safe than WhatsApp? Signal VS WhatsApp

Is Signal Is better & safe than WhatsApp

After the conspiracy news of WhatsApp policy update of sharing the server data with Facebook, everybody is questioning about their data safety. And people are thinking switch for better privacy option for messaging their valuable data and information. But, many people have a question that is Signal is better & safe than WhatsApp? Because since 2009 people are using WhatsApp messenger with the faith of keeping data security, but sudden announcing the data sharing is a big question mark for security concern for valuable data.

WhatsApp messenger has the largest users undoubtedly & the most popular messaging services provider worldwide. It has 2 billion active users using the WhatsApp messenger for sharing text, media, documents, and more. The Signal is also a messaging service provider launched in 2018 & and acquiring 20 million active users. And constantly running the race of increasing downloads for Android & iOS after the policy update of WhatsApp.

Signal VS WhatsApp




Signal Application is launched in 2018 by Brian Acton & Moxie Marlinspike. Brian Acton was the co-founder of WhatsApp also and left 3 years later owned by Facebook. Signal messaging service provider app is created with privacy secured via message encryption method.

How Signal is different from WhatsApp?

As mentioned above the Signal uses the message encryption protocol for securing your conversation & data. WhatsApp also using the E2E encryption protocol but it can access other information like IP addresses, status, group information, etc.

The Signal doesn’t store the encrypted messages and data over the cloud. Only in case of device offline status, it stores certain messages until it will get delivered after the device status get the change to online. Signal also featuring you with a registration pin for security lock for user profile information. This feature can also help to achieve the data like contact & media if the user has lost their device.

The Signal is not owned by a big technology company, which allows you to get more encryption for your conversation & media shared on the Application.

As the privacy concern on Signal, then the application is storing only the number as data whereas WhatsApp is using the other details also. Signal encrypts more information like metadata of sender and receiver of messages details with sealed sender feature of this app. Users can get the user available on Signal from the contact saved on their address book. Users can enable the incognito keyboard option in account settings and also block the capture screenshot feature. Signal also updated a new feature to blur faces in the option before sending the picture.


WhatsApp Messenger

WhatsApp messenger application launched in 2009 & founded by Jan Koum and Brian Acton. Since then the majority of users like WhatsApp for messaging.

Can you still use WhatsApp?

WhatsApp is used for a long constantly & people are addicted to using this application for sharing conversation & media through their WhatsApp account and felt secured towards their data until WhatsApp announced the new policy of sharing some data with Facebook. Now, how long people will stay with WhatsApp or will be insisted to switch on another application like Signal or Telegram.

WhatsApp cleared that the policy updated for 8th Feb 2021 won’t affect the privacy of your messages in any way. But this is will impact the messages related to business on WhatsApp and will provide transparency on how the collected data will be used.

As per the security concern, WhatsApp doesn’t read your message log and doesn’t hear your voice calls too. And it is also cleared that WhatsApp doesn’t store your location data and will share with Facebook.

Head of WhatsApp Will Cathcart has assured us that we still can’t see your private chats and calls from your WhatsApp accounts and neither it is accessible to Facebook. This update is just meant for business communication & doesn’t change any data sharing protocol with Facebook.

Will Cathcart tweets

The WhatsApp data sharing practice will work for targeting the Ads running on the largest social media network with user name & number mentioned in the profile. Like if you have searched for some product or services then your device id will be used for advertisements and marketing purposes.

As per the new requirement of WhatsApp policy update language for data sharing with Facebook has been changes as it was mandatory & unavoidable. WhatsApp receives information forms from the Facebook business communities & WhatsApp shares the information with them to improve the customize the market strategies to get targeted correctly.

This misguiding controversy is being misleading and confusing to the user by media reports for deciding to choose WhatsApp or not. You might get the right conclusion to continue using WhatsApp services or not. Now Facebook and WhatsApp will have transparent communications to avoid misleading users.


Of course, the choice is yours to choose the Signal or WhatsApp or even both. You might have understood about both application privacy protocols and security for your conversation & data. Either choose signal or WhatsApp, but stay protected and avoid the sensitive data through applications as it is my advice to use email to send the confidential data which is an easy and simple way for technical and non-technical user.

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