Home Health Ayurveda Is the Coronavirus disease curable in India?

Is the Coronavirus disease curable in India?

Is the Coronavirus disease curable in India

What is Coronavirus?

The coronavirus is the disease which is risen from animals to the human body at the end of last year. Many people infected who visited or worked at seafood wholesaling markets of Wuhan, the city of China. This is analyzed that this disease is caused due to species to human beings. And the person who catches Covid-19 will pass this disease to other people by interacting with others. This disease is spreading worldwide like disaster & passing to others if not diagnosed at the moment. You may feel higher level fatality than a casual seasonal cough & flu. This virus drifts to spread disease & cause serious illness to the person. And as per statistics, the whole world is affected by Covid-19 after China. Coronavirus in India, UK, the USA, Italy, Spain, and all other countries are fighting with this time of disaster with the hope to win & come back to the normal lifestyle as soon as possible.

How you can prevent yourself from getting infected from Covid-19?

To cure yourself of Covid-19 infection you need to stay alert by avoiding to stay in the crowd until or unless it is not urgent. Moreover, if you notice someone is sneezing & cough continuously then stand at the distance from that person. You need to wash your hands for 20 seconds at least or use sanitizer in case you don’t have soap available with you and you need to repeat this after a certain time. Avoid touching your face, & eyes without washing or sanitize your hands. Cover your face with hankies or tissue paper while sneezing & coughing. Self-care is most important at this moment of time.

How can you find the difference between normal flu & Covid-19 flu?

In India & other have season-changing which usually cause the flu & cough due to changes occur in the atmosphere. It is hard to analyze the difference between normal flu & Covid-19 flu, even doctors get confused with diagnosed symptoms. On normal flu, it occurs quickly with high fever & sore throat, headaches, body aches, runny nose & on serious cases, diarrhea & vomiting. In Covid-19 flu, it is diagnosed with a high fever with a dry cough. But Doctors also researching for clear symptoms & treatment to cure this. One more common symptom found in coronavirus patients, that is lung infection-Pneumonia which causes the breathing problem. The diagnosed test is only proof either person Covid-19 report is positive or not.

What should you do if you have symptoms by Covvid-19?

The doctors advised people to stay at home for upcoming days & avoid interacting with other people to stay protected. This is applicable to every single person, working employees should ask companies either to take work from home or take leave from work to cure yourself of this disease. Precaution is better than cure for this disaster moment, don’t wait to let it happen just take action before the worst happened.

In case you’ll find the Covid-19 symptoms in you can contact India’s helpline number for Covid-19, they will guide you how it will be tested and provide you the treatment. The test to diagnose is not possible until you are not in the hospital.

Is the Covid-19 curable?

Doctors are researching to find out better treatment to fight against Coronavirus. But some drugs to fight against some viruses are now in use to treating patients suffering from Covid-19. In India, doctors claimed to get succeeded to find the drugs which are the combination of swine flu, HIV & malaria. And this drug experiments in Jaipur to Coronavirus patient & he is cured of these diseases by this combination of drugs.

Even in India, Ayurveda is fighting against the Covid-19 with Ayurvedic herbs which will strengthen the immunity system & prevent to get cure from this disease. The Ayurvedic experts stated that the Amla, Neem, Tulsi, Kutki, Guduchi, etc are some of the best herbs which will help you to improve your immunity system & prevent you from this disease.

You may follow this advice to stay protected from infection of Coronavirus & follow tips to strengthen your immunity system. In case you find symptoms then don’t delay & contact the helpline number & visit to the hospitals as soon as possible.


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