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Is Tuition Free Education Possible?

Tuition Free Education

Education is something that enables a person to gain knowledge about various subjects and aspects of life. When a person is not educated, they are unaware of their surroundings and also about the things going on in the world. Education helps to familiarize a person with other cultures which is beneficial if they decide to travel the world. But Tuition Free Education is possible to get?

Any person who does not have knowledge cannot gain the respect of other people. Education is a basic right for every person around the world. It cannot be denied to them, no matter if they belong to a rich or poor family because the ability of learning does not depend upon any person’s financial status. But some families couldn’t afford the tuition fee and found it hard to deliver the right education, but they find the solution with Tuition Free Education for the same.

Benefits and Lossed of Tuition Free Education

In earlier times, the barter system was used which meant the exchange of goods for services such as education. Even then, most of the education was free starting from the primary level to the adult level. The real purpose of education in those times was to give knowledge but nowadays it has become a business and the goal of schools and universities is to earn as much money as they can. But there are some advantages and limitations that come along with providing Tuition Free Education.


When each child has surety of free education, their parents can feel secure about their future and can have a sense of pride knowing that they can compete with the world, if they ever have to. This will eventually change their outlook because when a person gains an education, it helps them to have a different viewpoint towards life.

Education basically means to open a person’s mind to different experiences in life. They get informed about people and religions around them which helps to have a balanced view for all the sections of the society.

A school is a place where people from all walks of life come to study. There are facilities that are common for all and everyone is treated equally when they are on the organization’s premises. Equality in schools and colleges helps students to have similar points of view in life and it leads to a harmonious society.

Furthermore, the families that have poor financial status will get benefitted because they won’t have to worry about taking loans for their child’s education which can help them focus on buying necessary goods and services. Less stress about money would enable kids to pursue their interests and hobbies.

But that does not mean that they would not get any assignments. For that purpose, they can depend upon Assignment Help Sydney which can assist them in completing the assignments on time. A Tuition Free Education mind is a focused mind.

One aspect that cannot be ignored is that when more people receive education, there’s a high chance that an increased number of people may get employed, which will help increase the employment rates and boost a country’s economy. The increased economy would mean that disparity in the financial sector would be low.

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There are several advantages but also some limitations that need to be addressed to get a complete picture.

If education would be free, more people would take admissions which will eventually lead to more crowds in the schools and in turn in classes. Overcrowded classes would mean one-to-one interaction between the students and teachers would not be possible which is necessary for the optimal growth of a person because it helps them clear their doubts.

People must be aware that resources in any organization are limited which is applicable for schools and colleges/universities. When people use the same resources repeatedly, it leads to poor condition, constant repairs, and maintenance.

Eventually, the cost increases with all these factors, and schools do not charge anything from students. Another factor that can negatively affect the health of students is the food they get there. When there’s a large number of students, the chefs have to prepare food accordingly and they just might become careless because they have to complete their work before the given time.

Obviously, if they provide free service of education to students, they have to have money for their organization which government receives through high taxes that they impose on citizens. Not every person has a job that is highly rewarding which limits them to pay high taxes.

There are also some people who don’t have anything to do with education because they don’t have any kids, so what’s the point of them paying taxes when they are not getting any benefit out of it. The government might have to borrow money from other countries if their citizens disagree with paying high taxes.

While it is a good practice to maintain good relations with other countries, borrowing money from them can create tension in the future if the country is not able to pay them back on time. Imagine a situation when a person from Country A visits Country B and Country A already has bad relations with them because of money.

The treatment that Country A’s citizens will get from Country B will not be something they would appreciate and it would only add fuel to the fire. Some platforms like Assignment Help Melbourne for students can help reduce the tension as it’s a platform that acts as a medium between students and writers.

Conclusion to this would be that the condition of a country is the deciding factor whether they’ll be able to implement free education because a strong economy is a backbone if such a decision has to be taken. The citizens of that country must not run away from taxes and must pay them on time.

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