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Join the Movement with Sports Tervis Tumblers

Movement with Sports Tervis Tumblers

Every day, it seems like there is more and more negative news coverage of one-time-use plastics and global warming. Humans as a whole need to place more care and effort into lowering their one-time plastic waste usage and increasing their use of reusable plastics. There are many ways in which this can be practiced: avoiding plasticware, bringing your own reusable bags when shopping, eliminating the use of straws, and, probably the most important and one of the most common plastic waste use, plastic water bottles!

Girls ‘Round Here has Sports Tervis Tumblers for sale because they believe in joining the movement to save this planet. The Tervis tumblers they carry not only feature designs of popular sports teams like the Carolina Panthers and the University of North Carolina Tar Heels but also other fun designs like dragonflies, flamingos, florals, and hedgehogs along with phrases like Mama Bear, Believe in Your Own Magic, Raised on Country Sunshine and more.

The Tervis tumblers they have for sale also feature names like Gigi, Grandma, Nana, and Mom. The tumblers are available in different sizes such as 24 ounces, 20 ounces, 16 ounces, 30 ounces and more and vary in lid types so that you can get a tumbler that works best for your lifestyle. Aside from their plastic tumblers, they also carry stainless steel tumblers with different phrases and images.

If you’re unsure about how often you’d use a reusable tumbler, think of it this way. How often do you drink something throughout the day? Do you always have that morning cup of coffee? What about mid-day tea? Water to hydrate the body? Do you use mugs for your coffee and tea or do you purchase your drinks in single-use cups from local coffee shops? What about your water? Do you buy cases of plastic water bottles to leave at home, in your office, or in your car? Think about all the single-use waste that you throw out every day? It’s most likely not a very small pile. Not think of that pile multiplied 365 times? Huge pile. And if you take that number and multiply it by the billions of people living in this world with their single-use plastics? Overwhelming.

If you could help minimize that pile, even if by just a small number, then you need a reusable tumbler from Girls ‘Round Here. Use it with your daily cup, or cups, of coffee or tea, use it to drink your daily intake of water, heck, use it when you’re camping with the hubby or glamping with your BFFs and sipping on a freshly opened bottle of wine.

Most of the tumblers they offer are microwave, freezer, and dishwasher safe, but be sure to check the labels. For example, the stainless steel tumblers at Girls ‘Round Here are not microwave or dishwasher safe. With a reusable plastic Tervis tumbler, you, too, can join the movement in style with decorative tumblers of your choosing.

Outside of their drinkware, Girls ‘Round Here is also a supplier of accessories and apparel for men and women. They carry many southern brands including Simply Southern, Jadelynn Brooke, Southern Couture, Southern Marsh, Salt Life, PuraVida and more.

So, whether you’re looking for a sports Tervis tumbler, a floral Tervis tumbler, a stainless steel tumbler, or simply some Southern brand clothing, Girls ‘Round Here has all of that and more. Find them online at GirlsRoundHere.com and browse their site to see everything they have to offer. For more information or to get in contact with them, please call them at 252-419-0080.

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